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    Quick Questions: Williams Idol and Squier

    Billy I: Dancing with Myself or maybe that song he did on the Iommi CD

    Billy S: In the Dark

    albums for both: uh..."Greatest Hits" for Idol and "12 Strokes, The Best Of" for Squier ?

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    If you're in the game then the strokes the word.

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    Billy Idol: Dancing with myself

    Hottest babe in a Billy Idol video: The chick from Rock the Cradle of Love
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    album - rebel yell
    song - flesh for fantasy

    album - Don't Say No
    song - the Stroke - I loved this song as a child and requested it over and over.
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    Best Idol Song: Rebel Yell (un-remixed version)

    Best Idol Movie Moment: The Wedding Singer

    Best Idol Parody: Polka Your Eyes Out

    Best Squier Song: Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You

    Best Squier Movie Moment: Billy Madison (even if he's not in it, the scene of Billy at high school, blasting "The Stroke" from his old Trans Am is hilarious)
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    Solid post chux, I'm digging the props you give Singer and Madison.

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    Idol - Album - I can't choose between the first two. The version of the first album that my brother had didn't have "Dancing With Myself" on it, but it was still a pretty good album without it. Rebel Yell was very good as well. Didn't really get into any of the others.

    Idol - Song - "White Wedding"

    Squier - Album - Don't Say No

    Squier - Song - "In The Dark"


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