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    The Incredible Shrinking Hoth Rebel Soldier

    This guy looks really small next to the Old Hoth Rebel ('97) and the Deluxe ('98).

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    The sculpt is superior though. The smaller blaster is molded into the holster and not removeable as I'd once hoped. You know...details are nice.
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    Well I guess there would have to be some stunted rebels in the Rebellion. Next to Ach Med this figure looks like a midget. My biggest problem with this figure is his crappy teeth grin. Why is he grinning. HE'S IN A WAR!!!!
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    To me, he kind of looks like he's flinching. Small and all, I like him. He stands up better than the old one, even without the base.
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    He looks like my friend, Michael Stewart, in a snowsuit.
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    I noticed that he looked very short compared to the others. That i dont mind unless he looks ridiculous alongside his comrades. Do any of you think we will get him with another face sculpt, just to kind of build up the Hoth defenses?
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    I was hoping that this Hoth Soldier would be able to hold his gun better. But hes still cool -I wish I had 50 more!
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    i guess it was the cold weather on hoth that shrunk him. all sorts of things shrink in the cold!

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    Out of all the new stuff that's come out recently, this is one of the only figures that I'm going to take a pass on. I'm simply not into the pose, lack of articulation or the weird head and face sculpt on this figure. I've seen this one a few times in stores now, once at KB for too much money, and just recently a bunch of them at Target. He seems to have some nice detail to him and the paint isn't too bad, but it's just not as cool a figure as it should be I think. Not really all that much better than the POTF Hoth soldier. So, if it goes on clearance I'll pick one up, but otherwise, I'm skipping it.

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    Yeah, I've run into this figure several times now and each time, it's an easy one to pass up for me. I wish I had said the same about the Saga Snowtrooper.
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    Major disappointment here. The chance at getting a good Hoth Rebel Soldier has been muffed again. I can't really say I like anything about this figure. The facial expression is totally inappropriate and the lack of articulation on what should be an army builder is unforgivable. Add to that the fact that the pistol is molded to the holster and his paper thin rifle never seems to look straight and you've got one poor figure. Good for diorama backgrounds only.
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