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    • [font=arial]Replica of the medal given at Yavin from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope[/font]
    • [font=arial]Constructed of solid, die-cast metal and plated in 18k gold with a rich matte finish.[/font]
    • [font=arial]Suspended from an olive-green ceremonial ribbon like the ones used for a military medal of honor.[/font]
    • [font=arial]Presented in a black lacquered, jewelry-style box handsomely accented with the Rebel insignia on top.[/font]
    • [font=arial]Displayed on a cushion of luxurious textured material inside the presentation box. The inner panel of the presentation box can be propped inside the top of the box to form a striking A-frame display.[/font]
    • [font=arial]Carefully recreated from original archival materials and fully authorized and endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd.[/font]
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    Sounds cool. A display case would be nice though. I may end up picking one up (a display case) at a hobby store when I actually order one. Thses should be offered soon.
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    So WHEN is Master Replicas going to offer the Yavin medal? I just got the email from them about it but it didnt say WHEN!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayspawn
    So WHEN is Master Replicas going to offer the Yavin medal? I just got the email from them about it but it didnt say WHEN!
    Goes on sale tomorrow morning for CS members and on Fri for everyone else. Typically 8 am, maybe sooner.

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    What about...

    Ok, these could be cool collectibles.. What about Luke's severed hand and/or Ani's severed arm?? Come on people, this could work.. Or what about Artoo's defective rocket boosters.. I mean come on, the damned things weren't working 20 years later; I guess the warranty ended on em.. I love freakin' Star Wars.. I do have a great collection and am willing to collect some of the more obscure aspects of THE BEST franchise in motion picture history!!!!!
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    I dont think they would work. I wouldn't buy them.
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    I'm hoping for more blasters. Zams would be nice, Clonetroopers, Battledroids, Naboo Guard (like Panakas) Amidalas from the throne room.

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    This is what's coming next from MR....

    "Dear Collector,

    It's been hush-hush...till NOW! But, we just can't keep it secret any longer.

    So, we're giving you our valued and loyal customer the inside scoop. You're the first to know about the amazing year we have planned for you so that you can start planning your 2004 collection.

    In 2004 we've reduced the number of prop replica releases from our Star Wars and STAR TREK lines so you'll want to collect them all. Many of our limited editions will be offered in smaller quantities than in the past, which will enhance the value of these collectibles, but you'll have to act fast! Our first two limited edition Star Wars releases this year, the Anakin Lightsaber and the Medal of Yavin, both have edition sizes of only 1500, and they are selling out quickly. Here's a taste of what you have to look forward to in the coming year:

    Our Star Wars line is more diverse than ever this year. You can look forward to collectible vehicles, jackets and our elegant new scaled lightsaber replicas.

    NEW! .45 Scale Lightsaber replicas, including:
    Luke Skywalker, Episode VI - February
    Obi-Wan Kenobi, Episode II - February
    Mace Windu, Episode II - February
    . . . And more!
    NEW! AT-AT vehicle, Episode V - Spring/Summer
    NEW! Star Wars FX Jacket, Episode IV - Spring

    Plus, we'll have more of the high-quality prop replicas you love to collect:

    Princess Leia Organa Blaster, Episode IV - Spring
    Stormtrooper Blaster, Episode IV - Summer/Fall
    Rebel Blaster, Episode IV - Summer/Fall
    STAR TREK Klingon Disruptor - Summer
    STAR TREK Tricorder - Summer

    And, we'll offer two new versions of our incredible Force FX Lightsabers:

    Luke Skywalker FX Lightsaber, Episode V - Summer
    Mace Windu FX Lightsaber, Episode II - Summer "

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    Woohoo! I'm really excited about the Stormtrooper and Rebel Blasters -those are gonna be sweet!
    "Maybe I can help you. I am Boba Fett. The ship you seek is nearby." -Boba Fett

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    I've ordered the Yavin Medal, and it will be my first Master Replica. The prices are just too high for me. I was considering the Thermal Detonator, simply because it is also one of the cheaper options. I think their replicas are wonderful, just wish I could afford them. I'm looking forward to see what some of this new stuff will look like. A FX Jacket!?!?!? What the heck could that be? The weapons are always top-notch. I may have to splurge if they released Boba Fett's Blaster!
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