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    Gabriel Byrne's Next...

    Just found this over at which has a link to

    Gabriel Byrne's Next: Gabriel Byrne briefly talked the third prequel to Showbiz Ireland - "They have approached me and they are talking about it but nothing is definite yet. I think the way George Lucas works is not the usual way where they have a script then they offer you a role. I think the develop characters around particular people as far as I know. They have not said anything to me about what role I would play". Byrne is currently working on David Cronenberg's "Spider" and also talks about what's next for him - "I go back to New York then finish this film in Toronto and then Christmas. Next year I have two projects, one in Australia and maybe one in London. I think that will be it for next year. I can't tell you which projects cause I haven't signed the contract so I can't". Thanks to 'Ray'

    Hmmmmm...Tarkin anyone?

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    OMG, that darkhorizon link you provided also had a rumor that Cuba Gooding Jr. is up for a role in SW. I swear here and now if Cuba Gooding Jr. gets put in a Star Wars film, I will burn all my movies, toys, and memorabilia immediately. I have never been able to stand him and his nasally voice. I kept wishing Anthony Hopkins would just reach out and snap his neck in "Instinct". I know it may sound stupid to say that a certain actor would make me totally turn on Star Wars, but that's the way I feel. It was bad enough when Jimmy Smits got cast as Bail Organa, the DiCaprio rumors were worse, but please, Lucas, no Cuba Gooding Jr.! Stick to relatively unknown actors, please! That is all.
    Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis

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    Oh yeah, as for Gabriel Byrne, he looks like he would make a decent Tarkin. I'd be excited just to see Tarkin in E3 at all.
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    Didn't we hear this rumor for Ep 1?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
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    Gabriel Burns as Tarkin?

    I'm not sure I can picture Gabriel, but if Tarkin is in the movie, and I think it likley, that will be seriously cool.

    He will be either the Republic or the Confederacy's military commander. The latter I think, as it will be set up for him to surrender to Palpatine and get a deal on the side.

    See the thread Mace's Death. It has become this forum users' complete synopsis of Episode 3 contributed to and debated by a lot of good people.

    Meanwhile, could somebody please tell me where Gariel Burns can be seen?

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    Gariel Burns and Gabriel Burns, I don't know about. Long lost cousins of Montgomery??

    Gabriel Byrne was in the Usual Suspects. He played Keaton.

    He was also Satan in that crappy Ah-nuld movie End Of Days.

    And the Priest in Stigmata.

    D'artangan in Man in the Iron Mask with Leo.

    And Uther Pendragon (Aurthur's father) in Excalibur waaaayy back in 1981...

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    Ah. Thanks. And LOL at the 'cousins' joke.

    I never saw any of those movies. I'm not tempted either. Maybe end of days, as I've liked all the Arnold movies I've seen so far. (though I haven't seen all of them and don't have a great interest in doing that either).

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    I highly recommend the Usual Suspects. In fact, I recommend multiple viewings of it.

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    Byrne would be absolutely perfect for GM Tarkin. The face his accent can easily be altered by him and not Ben Burtt. (Although they will still mess with it)

    What of the rumors of a Kashyyk being invaded in EPIII and we seeing Chewbacca?

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    Jedi Sal:

    I don't think we'll ever see Kashyyyk (though it'd be nice).

    Please see the Episode 3 Spoilers Post "Mace's Death" where a lot of us here have worked out the entire plotline to Episode 3 with a reasonably good amount of accuracy if we went on logic alone.

    All the planets and their place and sequence in the plot are identified therein.

    Meanwhile, if you can obtain or view a copy of the Holiday Special, you can see Kashyyyk where Chewie comes from.


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