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Another song that I am starting to like is on Canadian stations all the time. It is called "Driving Home for Christmas." I don't know the name of the singer, probably a Canadian known only artist, but it is a song worth a listen to.
After writing about this song for a few years, I finally did some detective work.

I figured out that the song is sung by Chris Rhea. He is a popular musician in Europe and has a following here in North America, but to a lesser extent. I do not hear his music on any radio station I listen two, and only the Christmas song on Canadian radio (which I am 25 miles away from the border).

When I found out about the artist, I did an Itunes search in hopes of purchasing the song. I would say they had 75% of his songs available off Itunes, but not this particular song. Local retailers had very little of any of Chris's songs.

I knew Ebay and other online retailiers would be other avenues that I could explore, but I didn't want to spend $15 with shipping on a CD for one song. So I kept hoping for an online music store to make that one song available and for two years, no luck. So I finally broke down and ordered the CD off Ebay, cheap, from Argentina and am awaiting shipping.