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    Dear Hasbro:

    I figure it would be roughly the same size as a 25thA X-Wing (maybe a little bigger) and cost around 35 clams.

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    So I was sitting here looking at the shelf with all the vehicles on it today Hasbro and I just noticed there wasn't a Sith Infiltrator any where to be found. I thought I may have forgotten to take it out of the package to display it so I went down into the basement and rummaged through all my boxes of stuff, but I couldn't find it. So then I thought I may have forgotten to purchase one, so I ran down to my local retailer but I couldn't find one on any of the shelves.

    I just thought I should bring this terrible oversight to your attention Hasbro. it appears you've forgotten to make a Sith Infiltrator vehicle for us to play with. I realize you've probably had a lot on your mind with all this Clones nonsense, but now that I've reminded you that you haven't made a SITH INFILTRATOR yet, you can get to work on it right away...

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    i had a dream, and in that dream, my children, and my children's children could freely play with a sith infiltrator... i had a dream people... i had a dream
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    Maybe after 2005 they will make it.I think Star Wars will still sell you do not need a movie to hype this stuff up just look at He-man and Gi-Joe i have not seen any of these in movie theater's recently bet their line still sells good.So expect some stuff to be out after these movie's are done also George might release all of these in the theaters again after 2005 just like the SE you never know you never,never know
    need vintage parts and weapons


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