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    Collecting The Clone Wars/Saga

    Hey all,
    I'm new to this forum and site, and after reading over a lot of the posts in the various forums I thought this would be the perfect place to find some help. My question is, is if I were to start collecting the Hasbro Clone Wars/Saga line, where should I begin? What are some of the better figures - can be in terms of collectibilty or just how cool of a figure it is. I haven't really purchased a lot yet, but what I've seen of the clone wars line I like a lot. I like the new Kit Fisto figure along with the ARC trooper and I'm thinking of picking up the Command Gunship (I think with a bunch of clone troopers it would be a really neat display piece). Hope to get some good advice, look forward to reading some posts. Thanks, Mike

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    Well you are in luck. The Clone wars line just Started and there's only 9 basic figures and they are out it the stores. Saga is another story. It all depends on what kind of collection you want. There's buy what you like, buy one of everything, buy 2 or 3 of everything. The older Saga stuff isn't that great and can be found at KB. Key figures are stuff like Ephant Mon, Boba Fett, Tusken Raider, Secret Annie and some of the up coming figures. If you like the OT "Orginal trilogy" Then look at the new Ultra figures. Look around here and you will see whats new. I'm sure many will give you some pointers.
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    Heya ... I'd look around the forums here and read through some of those best/worst figure threads ... there's always reviews and plenty of opinions floating around. In the end, just buy what you think looks good.

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    Being as I try to collect at least one of every figure, I don't think I would be much help. I would buy the figures that appeal to you. Some folks collect droid figures. I prefer stormtroopers, but I am making up for not getting the figures I wanted in my youth, by collecting everything no matter how bad it night be (Factory Flight R2 comes to mind). Also it's good to keep within your budget. Me, I owe the loan shark down the street for my last ten Star Wars purchases.
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    THere's an older thread in here somewhere entitled "Wave by wave favorite figure survey" that might give you an idea as to what people really liked about figures released since 1995. You can search for it by entering "wave by wave" in the search line and specifying you want to see thread titles. The other thread that may come up will be the "wave by wave LEAST favorite figure" thread - which would give you some ideas as to which figures aren't worth the money.

    I'd start by getting the stuff I really like. That way you won't regret getting involved like a few who wind up spending too much.


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