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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150
    (And for fans of the original JLA cartoon, the decline of the series can be traced to the introduction of the Wonder Twins!)
    I thought the show was going downhill with the introduction of Wonder Marv, his idiot dog and his girlfriend.

    We still need a good Thrawn figure, and a Noghri, and a real Darktrooper... there's a lot of EU figures left to be done. The question is, will there be a market for them?
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    Hell Yes, and Anakin Solo too.
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    Only if they made a pregnant Leia doll, then that could be pulled from the pegs at Wal-Mart since the mothers of young Star Wars fans would complain, and Wal-Mart would bow to the pressure.

    Actually, I'd buy them, but because I have become a completist collector.
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    i would buy jaina and jacen but they would definately need to make some yuzzhan vong to fight.

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    well duh!!!!

    Sign over check to Hasbro.
    Sign over soul to Lucas.

    Now I can finally Have Han yell out "who's your Daddy" and Leia nagging "Don't forget to bundle up, it's cold in space".
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    [CENTER][B][FONT=System][SIZE=4]$6.99 for a 3 3/4 inch Star Wars figure, with so many Star Wars collectors paying this kind of scratch for one figure and the cost of gas for driving from store to store, I can see why our econmy is in a slump![/SIZE][/FONT][/B][/CENTER]

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    I'll buy them as long as they look like a real character. I really detest the look of the cartoon figures. I'd be thrilled with a whole line of NJO figures.

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    The Solo kids would most likely be done as Jedi Knights in their early 20's - the same age represented by the Padme and Anakin figures we have now, and the Luke and Leia figures we've had in the past.

    Jaina could be done as a 21 year old X-wing Pilot as well, like one of you guys' avatars.

    I'm curious, those of you who say "no," did you buy the Clone Wars figures including Durge, Ventress, and the ARC Trooper?

    And these EU figures would be different from NJO EU figures, because???
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    Talking Other EU/viedo figs to make

    Heck yeah, I'd buy them, so long as the Movie characters are made either first or along with. But the movie characters are more important IMO. it's what the general public knows more.

    Along with Jacen and Jaina, Anakin Solo is a must.

    I'd also like to see all of Rogue as well as Wraith Squadrons done as figures. All the way back to SW:ANH! All of those pilots seen on screen should be made without question!

    Shoot a special 3 or 4 pack of them would be nice. Have numbered 3-4 packs until all of those are made.

    Definitely many of the video game characters as well.

    I'd love to see all of the mainline characters and some of the others from KOTOR made. Imagine having:

    Bastila Shan-great looking female figure!
    Carth Onasi-He's the rogue-like character (Han Solo) in the game.
    Darth Malak-ALWAYS good to have more villians and a Darth at that!
    Calo Nord-low-rate mercenary/bounty hunter!
    Canderous Ordo- Come on, who wouldn't want a real Mandolorian! We'd have to have on of him in the armor as well!
    Jolee Bindo-Precursor to Mace Windu and a fiery old codger!
    Darth Bandon-see above
    Zaalbar-You mean you don't want another Wookie?
    Mission Vao-Hey another Twi' Lek female can't be that bad
    Juhani-okay for all of you rusky cat lovers out there! That was a joke folks. Seriously this character doesn't get enough respect.
    T3-M4-YES, this is the precursor to R2! Definitely need him!
    HK-47-ABSOLUTELY! Great Assasin Droid. And who doesn't like his witty remarks....meatbag!
    And the big one is Darth Revan a female and a male one! Maybe with extra heads of each for the different ones in the game. Not all of them just like the 3 most wanted (have a poll!)

    Other minor characters from KOTOR:
    Sith Trooper-Can you say MAJOR ARMY BUILDER!!!!!!!!!
    Motta the Hutt
    Generic Mandolorian Warrior-Another would-be army builder!
    Saul Karath- He's the former Republic Admiral who went over to the Sith and Carth feels betrayed him.
    Rakata-The ancient race, don't neccessarily need to have specific ones.
    Ancient Sand people!
    Selkath people-They are a Manta Ray headed -like race Nice design!

    If I counted right that's 19 Figures!
    They could come in three cases broke down like this:
    Case 1:
    Darth Revan (one each of male and female)
    Bastila Shan x2
    Carth Onasi x2
    Darth Malak x2
    Canderous Ordo x2
    Sith Trooper x2

    Case 2:
    Zaalbar x2
    Mission Vao x2
    T3-M4 x2
    HK-47 x2
    Generic Mandolorian Warrior x2
    Saul Karath x1
    Darth Bandon x1

    Case 3:
    Juhani x2
    Jolee Bindo x2
    Calo Nord x1
    Selkath people x1
    Ancient Sand person x2
    Rakata warrior x1
    Sith Trooper x2
    Sith Trooper x1 (Red version)

    and Motta the Hutt as a special set by himself.

    Okay that's it for KOTOR.

    How about Nym from the video game as well. He was on a poll I believe. I really like that character.

    Well, I could go on and on, but I'll stop here.
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    Solo Twins and Anakin would be great. Many others would be good as well.

    As for KOTOR and other video game figures... I understand that somehow these storylines fit into the SW universe... but I haven't played one since the first Rogue Squadron came out. I didn't know who Kyle Katarn was when Hasbro made that figure, but I bought him. When I have free time I read instead of play video games... but granted, I have thought of buying a game system just to play some of the SW games. Now, if they all came out on PC versions I'd go for them.

    I think that any EU figures made should be mixed in with the regular release of figures... or sold at the same time like the Clone Wars figs. This way buyers can mix and match or get them all... but not have a whole year, or some given length of time that Hasbro releases nothing that you want to buy.
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    I think that if Hasbro seriously wanted to start pushing any of this EU stuff, they'd almost have to include some kind of comic book pack-in or something to explain it. Odds are that most of their intended audience hasn't read any of the EU material so would have absolutely no motivation to buy toys based on it. Maybe if Cartoon Network starts producing mini-EU stories using these characters (as part of the synergistic advertising campaign) then there'd be reason to do any of this, but until then, it doesn't make a lot of sense.


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