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    What do you think about N'Sync being in AOTC?

    What are your thoughts?
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    n'sync die die die

    if they do this... i swear, i will never acknowledge Star Wars movies... i hate to even ponder the idea...

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    I voted "I hate it" and it is really a distasteful idea to me.

    It is different from supporting Aayla Secura or Quinlan Vos being cast in the picture - they ARE Star Wars characters - more or less legitimized by whatever particular fan you happen to be talking to.

    But DownTheSync has nothing to do with Star Wars. That's great they are fans, but so are we. I'm sure a lot of us here would love to be cast as even an extra in the prequel - does their celebrity make their request more important? It will just serve as a distraction in the film - as teenage girls scream trying to find them in the movie, or whatever.

    Do they look like Jedi? No. Will they be made up to look like that? With Ewan's E1 buzzcut and a Jedi braid? If they're in the movie, I hope so. Not one of them seems old enough to be cast as a real Jedi Knight. -padawans they must be. (At least Boba Fett can scalpt them! LOL)

    Will it actually, truly matter? No. I won't notice it until I've watched the movie way too many times (at least that is my hope - that they're not obvious). But what if Regis is a Star Wars fan? How about Seinfeld? What about that kid who played that Erkel kid? Just because they are fans doesn't mean they can bring something to the picture.

    Cast models or extras that look hardcore! That's my call.

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    I guess I like it. I like some of their music. I don't see why a lot of people hate the idea if they're just going to be in the background anyway.

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    In the beginning (the 70's), as a new filmmaker, Lucas knew that the story was the important thing in attracting an audience. He hired a group of relatively unknown actors who helped tell a fantastic story which caught on with the world.

    Fast forward to the next century where Lucas has forgotten how to make a good movie. He's taken on the traits of the studio execs that he once battled. Name actors are the thing...the thing that makes people love a movie. The story be damned. Hire some well known stars: Liam, Natalie, In - fu##ing Sync. This isn't a Space Opera anymore -- it's a variety show. Maybe Whoopi Goldberg will show up next time.

    Anyhow, the last time a name brand actor expressed interest in being in Star Wars, we were treated to some of the worst acting ever witnessed in a budget over $100 dollars thanks to Sam Jackson. In Sync? Gimme a break.

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    If they're slaughtered in some big melee scene that only lasts a few seconds and no attention is called to themselves, then I would say it doesn't matter.

    If, however, this turns out to be some cheap publicity stunt for the band, then I think a serious line will be crossed.

    All I know is that Hasbro better not make the action figures . . . .

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    N'Sync is as good a fit in Star Wars as O.J. Simpson's glove. And what is this nonsense that Lucas had nothing to do with it?!? For how long have we heard that he controls everything! Obviously the Backstreet Boys will want in on Episode III, maybe they play some Clonetroopers while Brittany Spears oozes it up in some sleazy low cut revealing Jedi garb. While we’re at it, the King of Pop can play Darth Jacko while Fred Durst puts on some green makeup to be a lifesize Yoda.

    Notch the prequels down as one of the biggest blunders in history, the legacy of Star Wars will forever be tarnished.

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    I just thought of something: they won't have to design a costume if Marilyn Manson wants to do a show. Him and the members of KISS could be Dark Jedi fans of Maul's (or was it the other way around?) Maybe Eminem could do a song for the clones such as "Would the Real Boba Fett Please Stand Up?"

    But seriously, the plot of Episode II is way awesome, if you haven't read it all (for those avoiding spoilers) and even if they do this DownTheSync deal, it won't effect the quality of the movie. But they shouldn't do it at all, because why CAN these guys get in it and Eminem not? If they all do, then it becomes a celebrity show.

    I'm actually looking forward to the characters (the real ones) dying off or going away and the crux of the story boiling down to the 4 main characters or so. I always thought of Episode III being a very personal movie with regards to Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, and Palpatine. Everything else, even the projected appearance of Tarkin, is only window dressing. Let's not overkill it.

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    Does it REALLY matter?

    First off I am a fan of Star Wars.Get that straight first.The whole point of making a movie is to sell tickets.If having NSYNC in there for a half of a sec is going to sell tickets to teenage girls who wouldn't have seen the movie otherwise then YOU GO LUCAS!.He is making money which is the whole point of a movie.In no way whatsoever will they affect this movie.I think that if you have to obsess over a split second of a movie you need to really get a life.Oh by the way.I could be wrong but I believe that the youngest member of NSYNC is well over the age of 21 and the oldest member is 30.Which means they are all old enough to be a Jedi.And maybe instead of worying about NSYNC being in this movie you should find other way to occupy your time.Thank you thats all and I AM looking forward to this movie cause I planned to see it BEFORE I found out the were in it and STILL plan on seeing it because they have no effect on the movie.

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    Attack of NSYNC

    I hear they are fans and isn't it every fans fantasy to get a cameo in a SW movie? I don't see the problem as long as they don't start singing or something and if they get killed, well better yet!


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