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    Would you buy Hasbro action figures of Jaina and Jacen Solo?

    With the success of the Clone Wars Expanded Universe line for the Prequel Star Wars era, we also witness the conclusion of the New Jedi Order for the Classic Star Wars era. With that in mind:

    this poll asks "Would you buy Hasbro action figures of Jaina and Jacen Solo?"

    Nearly 50% of approximatley 560 of our readers said that once the Star Wars line had represented all the characters seen in the movies in the 3 3/4" line, you would want Star Wars to continue releasing new figures for this collection, in this size, and tap into the Expanded Universe, more resculpts or re-releases, or whatever it takes, rather than change the size of our basic action figures.

    For over 10 years, since their creation in the Timothy Zahn novels which saw Star Wars rebirth and Jaina and Jacen's literal birth, the Solo twins have been rising stars in the adult Classic Star Wars literature. Yet while Hasbro has done some Expanded Universe figures, and most recently had a very successful run with the Clone Wars, Hasbro never made New Jedi Order figures, espcially Jaina and Jacen Solo.

    So if they did, would you personally buy them?
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