I was having an exceptionally bad day last Friday so I decided to haul out all of my old STAR WARS toys from the attic. I sat there on the floor re-assembling the Death Star, Turret & Probot, Dagobah (need to replace that foam "swamp") and some of the other things I had. I took out my vintage Jabba the Hutt and marvelled at how nice of a job Kenner had done on him. There was so much detail and accuracy in the sculpt. A friend came over and was talking with me as I was putting him back in the box. He saw the POTF2 Jabba that I had just gotten on special from Entertainment Earth and commented on how I should put THAT one in the box and leave the vintage Jabba out.

The colouring on the vintage one is also more accurate than the most recent sculpts of him. It's kinda sad, but interesting how we actually took a couple steps backwards when re-sculpting a larger character. I love the "waterpipe"/"froggy dish" and the prison dais and the Salacious Crumb. I also discovered that I had two Crumbs that came packaged in the set. Can one have enough Kowakian Lizard-monkeys?

I was feeling pretty good by the end of the evening remembering the "old days" and thanking Kenner and Uncle George for the memories that totally turned my day around.