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    DVD Extras: Your favorites and what you prefer to see.

    Most DVD's tend to have similar types of extra's, including the ON/OFF Commentary, the Featurette, the Production Notes... stuff like that.

    Just curious what your favorite extra features are. How often do you rewatch a movie (particularly if it's a rental) just to hear the commentary track(s)? Do you sit and read the pages of text notes?

    So which features are worth the time to watch and consider before you purchase a title?

    Which features haven't you seen that you think would be cool?

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    A choose your own ending feature on certain films. Bloopers, bloopers, bloopers. Plans for future productions. Maybe an add your own dialogue scene feature.
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    Director commentary for me followed closely by actor commentary.
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    I love easter eggs. My favorite is in the Nine Inch Nails DVD: and all that could have been. The egg is from the MSG show that I was at where Manson came out and they performed a couple of songs together. Awesome.
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    Audio Commentaries. Always fun to listen to the directors, writers, stars, etc. discuss their viewpoints of the movies. Unless it's the annoying ones where the guy just keeps saying what's happening on screen and quoting character dialogue. Those suck.

    I love extras, they have made 'Might Purchase' titles into 'Must Have' titles. While I never buy a movie on extras alone. They do offer some incentive when it's a movie I sort of liked, but not enough to really own it. I love extras, what can I say.

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    What extras are garbage, in your opinions? Is there any extra that is just dead weight or are all of them equally interesting and worth the time?

    And what about having to navigate through things like hidden Easter Eggs and "graphic" menus? For instance, I was just watching the Pirates of the Caribbean discs last night and found the "pirate ship" graphic thing annoying after awhile. Only after going through many of the topics did I figure out that they are all indexed in a more standard way to make viewing easier to do.

    Is "more" better, or is there such a thing as too many extras?

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    Well, Disney used to claim the art on the discs themselves as an 'Extra'. That was pretty lame in my opinion. The only extras I really find annoying is numerous pages of stills or text. I have a hard time reading all that stuff. It's nice that it's there, but I'll usually go thru pictures once. And unless all the text stuff is intresting I'll avoid it. I do like the Text Commentaries though.

    Well, 'More' can be better. It can also destroy some of the mystery of movies. Like the LOTR's EE's. There's way to much info there. Frankly, they could have made them 3-discers instead. 2 for the movie, 1 for the extras. I really don't need to know everything. But it's cool for those that do want to.

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    I watch almost every DVD's commentary, but I hate the commentaries that are a jumble of people that aren't in the same room that get edited together, and the ones where the director or whomever is the focus just drones on and on about "wow, this was great, blah blah blah, I remember how funny this scene was to shoot but have no story to expand upon, so here's exactly what you're seeing on screen now without any further explanation or backstory" like the Waynes World commentary track.

    I liked the director with actor commentary track on MIB, especially with the telestrator (though no other Columbia DVD has used that telestrator as effectively).

    I don't care for photo galleries in general because you can't zoom in on them, but some like TRON are pretty neat. Notes are almost always boring as hell, just print 'em in the box insert instead.

    Extra scenes are usually great, especially with optional commentary or explanation/setup by the director like on Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

    Bloopers are usually fun unless they were already used in the credits, like Charlie's Angels.

    Animated menus can be fun at first, but after the first time, I fast-forward through 'em (and hate when you can't do that).

    The multi-angle feature is so rarely used, but I like the idea of seeing a scene from another perspective. I get kinda tired of the "storyboard to movie" multi-angle though, except on the Shrek disc for unused storyboards where you are at the meetings where these storyboards are being run through.

    On-screen trivia tracks can be fun, unless they're repeating the majority of the stuff you hear on other parts of the DVD or even at the same time on the audio commentary.

    The "hit the enter button when you see the icon" things are generally annoying as hell, even the "follow the killer rabbit" ones on Monty Python and the Holy Grail got a bit stale, but I'd still keep them for the 138th viewings when I've seen it every other way as long as they're done fairly well.

    If I never see the Harry Potter 1's game things again, it'll be too soon.

    Some movies, like Spider-Man, seem like they have too many extras, but if the price doesn't go crazy, I'll live (and eventually watch all the extras ).

    If a film doesn't have every word of dialogue taken from the script AS IT WAS READ IN THE FILM in a subtitle track, it can go to hell. Subtitle track can make an unintelligible line make perfect sense, except when the person making the subtitles is more clueless about it than the viewer.

    Documentaries can be good, but only if they have something to say and aren't basically just clip-jobs from the film. I having the documentaries there for some of the facets, but while I might want to learn about how the effects are done, I honestly don't care about documentaries of how the pencil is made that drew the storyboards, or the toil that goes into craft services on this shoot. And if you're going to do a tour of the production facilities, make it interesting like on the Monsters Inc set.

    Some day, I'll have to check out the rest of the composer commentary tracks that have score-only, but to this day I've never sat through more than 4 minutes of that (and it was the legendary Danny Elfman on Pee Wee's Big Adventure).

    I generally can't stand the notes on the cast & crew because the bulk of 'em are mega-abreviated versions of their IMDB details & bio.

    Um... what other features are there?
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    Oh, another thing I thought of is Marketing & Trailers. While I like some of the interesting marketing like international posters (as long as they're different), unless it's an older movie, I really don't care squat for the trailers. Too many trailers these days feel so generic or just so pieced together from the films, no real catch, just the same old trailer-voiceover guy and scenes from the film.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    I didn't care for the game in the first Harry Potter movie. Don't lock away features so the only way to view them is by completing a 10 minute process.

    Storyboards or any 2D art is pretty boring with only a few exceptions.

    Access to exclusive online features. First, I don't have a DVD player on my computer, that is why I have the one hooked up to my TV. Second, how long will they support that online crap? In 10 years when I want to share stuff with my kids I'll be left with the stripped down DVD as the online stuff disappeared long ago.

    Multi-angle stuff is pretty worthless too, at least any that I've seen haven't been great.

    Documentaries that are just copies of broadcasts made on HBO or something which were orginally intended as a 1 hour advertisement for the movie. All they do is kiss the butts of the actors and hype up certain action scenes.

    I wish there was a quick and easy way to pop in a disc and just watch the stinking movie. The media is getting bogged down with all these goofy menus. It can take a good 5 minutes to get everything set up to watch a movie. I would like to see a default setting on a DVD player that would do a quick load of a movie and allow us to skip even seeing any menus. It really bugs me that I can't at least fast forwards past the copyright warnings. Some of those take a minute or more to get through.
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    By choosing not to decide you still have made a choice.

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