View Poll Results: What is your favorite music from the Star Wars movies?

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  • The Main Title Theme

    14 8.28%
  • JarJar's Theme

    1 0.59%
  • Anakin's Theme

    0 0%
  • Duel of the Fates (Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul)

    22 13.02%
  • Across the Stars (Anakin and Padme's love theme)

    9 5.33%
  • Princess Leia's Theme (You're My Only Hope)

    3 1.78%
  • Battle of Yavin Ceremony Theme (sometimes called The Force Theme)

    10 5.92%
  • Darth Vader's Theme (The Imperial March)

    80 47.34%
  • Han Solo and Princess Leia's Love Theme (and the Carbon Freeze)

    5 2.96%
  • Master Yoda's Theme (Use the Force)

    7 4.14%
  • The Emperor's Theme (Darth Sidious Appears)

    3 1.78%
  • The Ewok March (Battle of Endor - ground war)

    2 1.18%
  • Other (please write in and tell us!)

    13 7.69%
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    What Is Your Favorite Music From The Star Wars Movies?

    For me, literally half the reason the Star Wars movies seem so big and so epic is because of John Williams' incredibly awesome musical scores. The music of Star Wars makes every film as listenable to as a symphony concert, with character themes and mood tones set for the sound that are as comfortable as old leather.

    With a new soundtrack being written for Episode 3 as we speak, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to focus on this aspect of this movies.

    Personally, my favorite Star Wars music can revolve around what's sort of my own "Top 10" greatest hits or so, but there is usually one particular piece or another of John Williams' execellent collection of work that gets triggered in my head any given day when I wake up to my huge Star Wars collection that so dominates my home decore. Right now as I write this, I can hear the new ending-celebration score from Return of the Jedi's special edition play in my head, and I think I could just listen to that for hours inside my mind, or I could even whistle along. It may even prompt me to put on the movie in the background while I work - or at least the soundtrack.

    What is your favorite Star Wars music?
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    Great topic! My vote was for Yoda's theme, I hope I've picked the right piece (the music playing while Luke is training on Dagobah in ESB is the piece I had in mind). I was very close to choosing "Duel of the Fates", such a powerful piece and the inclusion of choral voices is amazing. Other favourite music-moments for me include the Snowspeeders searching for Han and Luke (also used beautifully in the Nintendo 64 Shadows of the Empire during the Snowspeeder scene at the beginning), the Millenium Falcon escaping into the asteroid field in ESB (pretty easy to see that ESB is my favorite soundtrack as well as chapter) and the Imperial March whenever it comes on. It also can't be overstated that the main theme blaring from studio speakers at earsplitting volume the first time you see a new chapter in the Saga is magical. Nothing like it, and it will likely only happen for us one more time each. Can't wait.

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    as a kid i always loved the cantina band. such an eclectic mix of instruments. overall i'd say my favorite is vader's theme followed closely by the main title theme. always a spark of joy to hear the music flare and the opening scroll come across the screen.

    so much of star wars is tied to the music. for years i even associated the drums and spotlights of 20th century fox with star wars.

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    I've always liked Yoda's ESB theme best followed closely by Princess Leia's ANH theme. They're the segments of the soundtracks that I most often listen to when I need to relax.

    My write in choice would be the Asteroid Chase theme from ESB, it's great to listen to while driving and weaving in and out of traffic (not recommended for the faint of heart however )
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    The entire sequence when Yoda explains what the Force is to Luke on Dagobah (odd, with no mention of Midichlorians...strange, no?) is perhaps one of my favorite sequences in any of the films. Not only his his soliloquey unrivaled by any of the other dialogue in the film, but the sweeping music adds to the epic, yet personal, sense of triumph and tragedy at the same time.

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    Good choice and explanation stilla. Actually, you've all made excellent choices.

    But my personal favorite is "Binary Sunset" from ANH. There have been plenty of times where I've felt what I imagine Luke was feeling as he was looking out over the desert.

    Close seconds and thirds are/ is the music that is played when the Jawa's are around in ANH (The Dune Sea of Tat, Jawa Sandcrawler, The Moisture Farm) and Cantina Band 2.
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    I thought that the twin sunset scene music could be classified as the same piece as the Yavin Ceremony theme music, just played differently. I mean it's the same rhythm by that.

    I love that music, and you hear it several times now: as Luke departs to rescue Han and Leia on Bespin, and when Anakin leaves Padme to ride off into the desert in search of his mother. - Oh and Vader's funeral pyre scene, too, as well as Qui-Gon asking Shmi about the past, and who really was Anakin's father.

    I voted this way myself, but counted the twin suns scene as the same music, from a certain point of view.
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    Duuuuuude, you left off some of the all-time classics:

    The Jawa Theme
    Into the Trap
    Tusken Raider Theme
    Sail Barge Assault (AKA Return of the Jedi)
    Luke & Leia's Theme
    The Flag Parade
    Bespin Theme
    Augie's Great Municipal Band
    Ewok Celebration
    Victory Celebration

    And many more!

    I'm torn between The Imperial March and Into the Trap, but I'll go with Into the Trap.
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    Binary Sunset is mostly Luke's theme (the hero theme) with some overtones of Ben's theme (The Force theme). This is why it's complicated to ask about favorites, so many of the themes are deftly weaved or recycled throughout the movies (especially the OT), such as Leia's theme when Obi-Wan is struck down, or Yoda's theme when Leia, Lando & the gang are making their way to the Falcon on Cloud City.

    Personally, I voted for the Main theme, though Ben's theme, the Imperial March, Luke's theme, the ESB asteroid chase, the cantina songs, Lapti Nek, the Ewok march (which I usually think of as the Jawas theme/Jawa Sandcrawler for some reason, I think the 2 may share cues), the Emperor's theme, the classic 20th Century Fox logo music, and Leia's theme are all top choices for me (in no specific order). I usually think of the main theme, Ben's theme, the Imperial march, and the Ewok march the most though.

    My favorite little cue is when we first meet Ben in ANH, there's those magical little chimes and then it breaks into Ben's theme. It's like the point in the story when the sci-fi stuff decides it is going to step aside and share the screen with the magic. I made a file out of that as my Windows startup music.

    In general I really don't care for the prequels' music. Duel of the Fates is memorable for me, I consider it "ok", but it doesn't have that SW or Indiana Jones level of magic to my ears.
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    I like the one that goes ... dum, dum, da, da, da, dum, dum, na, na, na, dum, dum, da ... that one's good.

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

    You know, to be honest ... the 20th Century Fox Fanfare played really loud at the very beginning is what gets me every time.


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