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    Off topic but...

    Off topic but :
    I wanted to wish all the ForuMMers a Merry Christmas 2003.
    I hope you will all have good time with your families. Don't eat and drink too much for your stomachs or you will be (like me) ill for one day or two...

    Post Scriptum :
    Dear Santa, I hope you're working hard on the new Action Fleets for 2005. A little mouse called Stuart told me last night that you were working on a new StarWars Micro Machines collection. But everybody knows Stuart is a compulsive liar... Isn't he ?

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------VT, sorry I haven't been able to send your mag yet. Each time I went to the nearest P.O., there was a one mile queue... Ahhh it's Xmas and our dear Santa must have discovered the postal ways.
    I will send you the magazine by the end of the week. Thx for your patience.

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    Cool i see lines are the same whether france or u.s. ;)

    no hurry sicq, for me moebius is usually springtime reading anyway i'm similarly gonna take advantage of post-holiday lull by waiting til then to mail jt & swaffy's package (which means yes, i've finally finished your mixtape swaffy ) also, sst af bug source is takin his Dayumm time which is another reason to go ahead & send your VTape parcel
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    echoing sicqnus' sentiments...

    Merry Christmas to all.

    This forum and its members are all very special to me, and I appreciate you all very much.

    Let's all make 2004 an active and fun year for collecting and sharing enthusiasm for MM / AF, and other, similar objects of interest.

    Best wishes,

    pee-ess: thanks for the update on MMixtape & VTape stuff, VT! You sure you want to wait on me sending your items the opposite direction? I'm willing to ship any time.
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    At least Christmas isnīt on the 25th here. Otherwise it would be X-Mas AND my birthday for me to celebrate.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
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    Merry Christmas and all good wishes!!
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    Lightbulb does jedigoofy hang round here lately? if so. . .

    jg: plz be in touch w/sicq so you can compensate him for cost/shipping for moeb mag he's sending me, thanx a 3-way transnational deal at its finest (the mm/afs figs i sent, remember?) meanwhile i humped Heaven which was filmed in your own torino- so go see or i'll send the carabinieri after you same to sicq, re 8 Femmes (tho when foreign flix are marketed here under english-translated titles, as in this case, that's how i refer to it on the Hump)

    swaffy: "sure you want to wait"
    -see, my idea is that everyone does as I do, i.e. they keep a corner or box in which you're saving whatever you got to send me (that way you don't lose track of nuthin), patiently waiting for the Perfect moment to send everything all together most efficiently

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    And a happy holidays to you all from ye olde JT! (even if it is a little late)
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    Smile Here I am!

    Hi vt and everybody, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year from me too!

    I will be more than happy to cover your transaction with Sicqnus related to the Moebius magazine. (I remember very well the MM and AF figures you sent me, I also remember the MM collections Britcit sent me a long time ago, but that debt is very difficult for me to pay off If Britcit needs something I can find for him, please let me know)

    By the way I read about the last addictions to Sicqnus' collection (the AF prototypes). It looks like your collection is one of the best around! (not to wrong any other forummer collector ) It would be wonderful to come to Paris and have the possibility to visit you (of course if you will ever come round here you are welcome at my home, not for my SW collection but at least to meet and have a coffee together ).


    P.S. vt, I read your hump about "Heaven", unfortunately I did not see that movie, so I cannot comment it, sorry. I hope at least my city did not cut a poor figure.

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    THX VT but I don't need any money.
    JG, I will make, - the sooner, the better - a new web page to display my collection and all the protos from all angles possible and in big size. I have now a good digital camera wich allows me to take real neat closeups.
    Unfortunately I haven't resolved yet the "how to display my collection" problem. At this time, most of my toys are in big cardboard boxes in my attic. A good way to prevent any damage from the little Jawas...


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