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    For those whom ordered the FX-7 wave on-line and got them first...

    Who did you buy from?

    Single pieces of case?

    How much?

    Does this company usually send out items BEFORE they are seen at retail?

    Thanks for your help !

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    Exclamation Entertainment Earth... NOW!

    Hey there INDY...

    I just saw that Entertainment Earth is selling a set of four (FX-7, Amidala decoy, RFT and Imperial Ofcr) for $38.96... I picked them up because I have no interest in heading out to the over-crowded toy stores, malls or big boxes over the holidays.
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    ugh, go to ( I just checked and they're in stock) and save yourself $10 bucks; Entertainment Earth is not even close to reasonable.

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    I did....and I DID!

    Thank you sir, a gentleman and a scolar !

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    OK... I BLOG. YOU READ. at
    **Steven Sterlekar (1969-2001)**

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    I got mine at New Force Comics. They said mid-December. So I hope that means in the next week or so...

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    Arrow Go!

    Go to they have all four for $28. Last time I checked they were still in stock too. Hurry!
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