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    Saga basic figures $6.99!

    I stopped by KB Toys the other day and happened to find a new Brown Coat Han Hoth!

    Unfortunatly I also noticed that KB is now charging $6.99 for their new basic Saga figures!


    I said KB Toys is now charging $6.99 for their new Saga basic figures!

    So now on top of slapping us in the face by charging $14.99 for those...$9.99-$10.00 everywhere else Army builder/Deluxe Clone Wars sets, we now have to pay $6.99 for any of the Saga "Gold" figures vs $2.99 for the beat up peg warmers!


    I said, KB Toys is evil incarnate! Are they trying to kill their Star Wars sales? I mean, they seem to get just about everything late. Most of their product collects dust, and now they want more money for stuff they are having trouble moving in the first place?!?!?


    I hope KB chokes on their Star Wars lines! Target is coming under fire by some collectors for charging $6.99 for "Exclusive" Clone Wars Cartoon figures. Have the people in charge at KB gone insane?

    Meanwhile, one of my local Wal-Marts (E'Town) has lowered the price on basic Saga figures to $4.54, so now figures are less than $5.00 after tax!


    I said it looks like Wal-Mart wants my business back, I guess they are tired of Target kicking their butt in Star Wars sales. I know I've spent more money at Target, Meijers, TRU and even K-Mart over the last 6-8 months than at Wal-Mart. Though Wal-Mart may have edged out K-Mart recently...I found the Ultra figurers at Wal-Mart and bought 4 sets (early December).


    Oh yeah, whatever happened to Wal-Mart's "We will only carry basic figures". Ultra comes along and POW suddenly they are back in the game?!?!


    I said Wal-Mart missed the bus when it came to the Clone Wars "Deluxe" sets.

    So what does everyone think? Is KB Toys insane? Will Wal-Mart take back control of the Star Wars market?


    I said "These questions and many more in the next episode of..."
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    Welcome to my nightmare.
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.

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    KB has always sucked hard. I haven't bought anything from them but their Tie fighter and Gam guard. I don't even go into their store anymore. There's away crap all over the floor. I think if I do go back I will fall and sue!
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    My experience with KB is that they've always priced their Star Wars figures a dollar or two higher than everywhere else. I'd only buy from them if I couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere else. They only drop the prices on stuff that doesn't move.

    In any case, the KB near me hasn't had any new figures since the initial AOTC waves and those have been filling the pegs of about 1/4 of their side of the action figure aisle since the movie came out.

    They did finally get the TIE fighter and it is either 25% or 30% off, so I'm going to go pick one up tomorrow. Apparently they haven't moved many of these either, possibly because they're stocked behind a bunch of toys which have been gathering dust for nearly two years now.

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    R.I.P Kaybee. What a joke. $6.99 - righhhtttttttttttttt!

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    I saw this a few days ago at the Kay-Bee I don't normally visit. I said what the hell, cause they had Hoth Trooper, Hoth Luke, Achk Med-Beq, and Kren Blista-Vanee. Since I always get some cash for Christmas, I really didn't care.
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    The only thng I ever got at KB in the last year was a four pack that they let me make myself. I have gotten most of my figures from Wal-Mart over the years.
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    Yes, KB does suck. I only visit one because the girls are cute. Other than that its the same old figures every where i look. I wonder if my local ones are going out of business because they looked strikingly empty, no toys piled to the ceiling, and video games were 20% off. Oh well, they charge too much and i rarely find anything i seek when i go inside.
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    Inventory is coming up and stores don't like to get new stuff in. I wonder if this is going to be problem?
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    KB toy stores always look empty right after Christmas. I mean, did you see some of the lines before Christmas? I was just at one today, and your right, some of the figures were $6.99, then some of them were marked down to $2.99. I only went because I saw the 3PO with escape pod before Christmas. None there today,, and they had the Gom. Gaurd with a red dot, which meant you saved 25%, I still paid less buying it from KB online, including shipping.
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