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  • Yes, rumors are fun.

    86 33.33%
  • No, keep to the facts.

    90 34.88%
  • Only post strong rumors.

    69 26.74%
  • It does not matter either way to me.

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    Should SSG start posting rumored news?

    We had this poll once before but it didn't get a big response so we are trying it again...

    SSG has prided itself on giving you factual news but the question is still burning regarding rumors. Should we start posting rumors?
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    I voted NO, STICK TO THE FACTS, although I'll add the caveat that maybe you could have a separate section somehow that is for rumors only. Call it the Rumor Mill or something but keep it off on it's own. That way, the information is kinda there, and people can keep up on the rumblings about town, but they are well aware that it is unconfirmed. When/If the information gets confirmed, then it becomes official news and goes into the normal section.

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    I voted no, keep to the facts. Rumors are posted in threads but i dont see any harm in that. But if we were to see rumors on the front page then it may cause some confusion because people may take them as fact and end up being disappointed that they arent true.
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    If we want rumors -- we can visit another site -- SSG has always been about the truth. That is why SSG has such a great following -- yea, there are alot of jucy rumors out there -- but we can always count on SSG to not post it until it is from Lucas, Hasbro, whoever -- straight from the wookies mouth.

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    I check this site about once a day during the week... but don't have time to surf many other sites...

    I voted for posting the rumors, but see the need for a seperate section for them as stillakid mentioned. If they were set off specifically in a rumor only section that would be good. Sometimes they can be spoilers, or major downers if they don't come true so it should be done with that in mind... not posted on the main news page.

    I know the connections that the managers of this site have with Lucasfilm and Hasbro, so the info comes early when it is true... and I would believe the sources of the rumors a lot more if posted hear... of course understanding full well that they are still rumors.

    It's nice to know which rumors are totally bunk and which may have some credence and i think you at SSG can do that for us.

    do it, and save me some web-surfing!

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    The main reason I started coming here was the fact the no rumors were posted as news. I want the facts. If I want rumors I go somewhere else or check out the forums. Would I stop coming here if you guys started posting rumors, probably not. But I would find another site for just news.
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    No rumors, just a facts Mam!
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    The main reason I bring this up again is because I am seeing a lot of talk about rumors from other sites and truth-be-known, we get the same info from the same sources. I just don't post it... keep the comments coming though...
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    Yea Stilla's plan is the best.
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