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    Well, the vintage Power Droid has a lot more character and greater play value than its modern counterpart.

    Vintage 8D8 is much sturdier than the POTF2 release.

    Vintage Nien Nunb just seems superior to the POTF2 one. Can't quite put my finger on why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I think the ROTS Imperial Guard, while not perfect, is a fine figure. I also have to disagree that one Emperor figure from 1999 is much better than any before or since, including vintage. Only thing is, it wasn't actually called "Emperor Palpatine"; I'm talking about the TPM Darth Sidious figure. The Evolutions Sidious is probably the next best one.
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    [FONT=Times New Roman]Good points on the ROTS Imperial Guard and Darth Sidious but I am only talking about figures from the original trilogy that were made by Kenner and that have been remade in the modern line from 1995-present. I was not including figures from episode 1-3. Sorry I should have been more specific when I posted this. [/FONT]


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