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    Much to anticipate in 2004

    It should be a fun year to ramp up to Episode 3 next year, we can expect an official title around August/September, right?
    And of course the teaser trailer will hopefully be out in early November followed closely by a better one after that.

    Any thoughts on what big movies might come out this Fall which could carry the trailers?

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    I certainly hope so. I think we may even get a title as early as June. I think that's when the others kind popped out. Yeah... I was at ROTK yesterday and thought about the impending teaser next November. Yea!!
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    Check this out for some insight!

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    I hope they'll put the trailers with some decent movies for a change. I don't wanna have to sit through another Monsters Inc. type of movie, or even worse, Harry Potter just to see the trailer.

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    If I had to guess I'd say we'll see the first teaser when the animated film The Incredibles opens on Nov. 5th.

    The AOTC teaser debuted before Monsters Inc. around the same time in 2001 if I remember correctly. TPM teaser debuted before 3 movies at once but I can only remember 2, Meet Joe Black, and The Waterboy. I remember paying to see Meet Joe Black and the theater was about half full. When the Lucasfilm logo appeared there was a loud wave of applause. After the trailer ended my friend and I along with at least half the theater got up and walked out. Most of us were laughing because we had no interest in staying to watch a 2.5 hr. movie when 5 min.'s later we would be able to see the trailer again before another showing. A local news crew staked out the theater in anticipation of getting some fan-boy reaction and we ended up getting interviewed. The news lady thought it was funny that we didn't even stay and watch a movie but all we wanted to do was talk about what we had just witnessed.
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    I prefer just to download them, trailers I mean, and watch them at home.

    It's nice to see them on the big screen but I like to watch them over and over and... you get the idea.

    Actually I can't rememebr the last time I went to the movies and saw a trailer I hadn't already downloaded.
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    2004 will be great. We will get the title, see the new bad guy, traliers, posters and ever if we are lucky some preview figures!


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