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    Battle Droid with 3PO head?

    Hey all. I found a fig I cant explain, hopefully someone here can. It's a 2002 Attack of The Clones Battle Droid with C3PO's head on the body. Card is a regular Battle Droid card. There appears to be a fuzzy picture of 3PO as a Battle Droid inserted behind the figure. Package looks sealed. Can anyone tell me what this is? I have a pic if anyone wants to see the fig. Thanx!

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    It appears that someone repacked a deluxe 3PO on a regular Battle Droid card. It is worth nothing. Someone was just pulling a prank.
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    Kinda funny though, it's alot better than usual pranks.
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    WOW where can I get one? I'd pay $100 for it.
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    Yes it is fake. Hasbro never produced such a figure. I hope you didn't pay big bucks for it...where did you get it?
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