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    Crikeys!! The Croc Hunter Is In Trouble Down Under!!

    Saw this on the news today, and was semi disturbed.. I guess more bummed that people just dont know when to think before they act.


    He seems to have just been slapped on the hand and is in no real trouble, but I would imagine, all the work he has done for the animal kingdom will be shot to pieces when he cant control his own actions with his baby. Again, you'd think something so priceless.. you would'nt dangle next to a 13ft gator.. heh. but what do I know..

    someone give that man a sign,,.. ( hands ol Steve Irwin a STUPID sign ) heres your sign..
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    Considering he's a trained professional, and they most likely fed the croc beforehand. They were also feeding him at that point, so he had no reason to attack. No doubt they planned all this out, because if you watch his wife she really doesn't seem like the type to let that happen if it's too dangerous.

    And if you watch the footage, you'll see Steve kept the baby well out of reach from the Croc when getting close. You could tell even when he was walking the baby along the floor (firmly grasping the kid's sides though) he was staying well aware of where the croc was and such. Granted the guy tends to be a wacko at times, if you watch stuff that has him and his kids in it, you can tell he wouldn't let anything happen.
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    this is terrible. Steve Irwin knows what he is doing. i don't think he would ever put any of his 2 kids in harms way intentionaly. he couldn't live with himself if he did. besides, they probably had a few guys off camera in case the gator decided to get bite happy. people just LOVE to pick on things people do with their kids. leave them alone, for heavens sake!
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    I never suggested the man be put away, just that people think before they act. Professional or not, would you really take that risk? Its not a question of whether he couldnt live with himself if something were to happen, its the fact that he put his kid in that predicament to begin with. Ya know.. your right.. I guess I watch too much news and see people buring kids, or smashing them against concrete and the like. Maybe Im too protective.

    when you have a kid, maybe you will see things differently...

    sorry, dont mean to be jerky here, but it still doesnt sit right with me.
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    I saw the news coverage, and in this day and age, I think he made a bad decision. Look at the outcry that happened when Michael Jackson held his baby out over the balcony. What if Steve Irwin would have slipped? What then? Would the assistants been able to get over and get the baby had the gator got a hold of it first? I've seen far to many tapes of professional animal trainers getting hurt when the animals act instinctively, need we be reminded of the Tiger attack on Roy? Even though the Tiger was supposedly just dragging Roy to safety, Roy still got seriously injured. Regardless of how professional Steve may be, I still think he was crazy to do that with his child. I was rather shocked when I saw that story.
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    Dumb move. If he's smart he wont do it again. Move on
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonysmo
    Professional or not, would you really take that risk?
    Well I think they have a better idea of what's going on than us, they've talked about their first son already wrestling his own croc.

    Comparing him to Michael Jackson I don't think is right, Michael made a very poor quick decision. He probably didn't have that moment planned out for months, taken preparations if something had gone wrong, etc. True theres the type of thing with Roy and the tiger, but I doubt Roy is as professional as Steve.
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    The man is crazy, and is way too comfortable and complacent around these very dangerous animals. He's been bitten before, lest we forget, what's to say it couldn't happen to his kid? Nature is too random to roll the dice with something that precious - regardless of the odds.

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    That is my original intent for the thread, to figure out what he was thinking.

    again, if you ( yes, YOU ) were on the same level of professional training and such, would YOU put your 1 month old child next to a 13 ft gator?
    See, to me, If I had been handling snakes, spiders, gators, pistols, whatever.. the element of danger is there, regardless of having staff members on standby ready to hop on the back of this thing, or stop its head or whatever.. by then its tooooooooooo late! so again, WHY? why take that risk? its as if you had a billion dollars, and your holding bag next to a fire.. ? why? why even go there? whats he trying to accompish? OK, yes, his daughter IS older now, and she most likely understands whats going on.. but a 1 month old baby? Is he really going to sit back with his ol man and remember that day.. remember dad? member when you and I were flirtin with disaster at the zoo that day, back when I was a newborn..?

    dont think so..

    think before you act. thats all..
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    Oh who cares about that kid. Crocs need to eat, too.


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