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    Vermont/New Hamsphire area....

    Greetings fellow northeast folk...
    I've just relocated to this fine area from the northbay in California (sorry...I just didn't want to hang around and see what the govenator was going to do next) and thought since it was great having a Northbay thread going here to help each other out, I'd give it a go here in my new home.
    Up here in Burlington it's been pretty quiet after Xmas. The local TRU had the latest Unleashed wave (but only the Han remains) and still had some of the saga figures from the Bail Organa wave (they had plenty of Ay Vida, Ack-Med Beq, Elan Sleaze) and the latest CW figures (Kit & Tinn). They also had the repackaged Spider Droid & Durge deluxe. The WM was pretty stark. Hopefully that will change when the reset happens...

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    Congrats on the move jedibear. I lived in Hawaii for 4 years without a single Target anywhere on the island, I couldn't even drive to another state! LOL Now I live in Kentucky. I also did the cross-country check, all to no avail, though I did find the POTJ Sandtrooper wave while I was at my parents in Colorado. That was the newest wave back then.

    Too bad you aren't a foreign carded collector, I like collecting Non-US carded stuff, it just adds something unique to the collection. Living up north is a perfect oportunity to get some unique stuff.

    Good luck in the new home!
    May the force be with you.


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