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    Britney Spears Married?!

    Did Britney Spears commit her biggest oops yet?

    After a solid year of image-making-over, from wanton carousing to topless posing to Madonna macking, the pop tart just may have pulled her most un-Mouseketeer stunt to date--she reportedly got married in a quickie Vegas ceremony.

    According to various news outlets, Spears tied the knot with a childhood pal from her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, Jason Allen Alexander. The Las Vegas Review-Journal says the two 22-year-olds were granted a marriage license from the city early Saturday morning.
    Spears' no-frills nuptials went down shortly afterward at the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Las Vegas Strip, with the Britster eschewing the designer-gown route for a baseball hat and jeans, according to She was escorted down the aisle by a hotel bellman and none of her family or friends was in attendance.

    Representatives for Spears were not immediately available Saturday night., citing unnamed sources "close to the singer," reports that Spears' vow-swapping foray was a joke "that went to far." In a move that would put Shannen Doherty to shame, the Website says Spears plans to annul the union ASAP.

    According to the site, Spears and Alexander got matrimonial-minded Friday, after (surprise!) a night of heavy-duty partying at the hipster Ghostbar in the Palms Casino Hotel. Spears had the resort shuttle her and her newly betrothed via limo to the chapel, a Sin City destination of choice for celeb I-do's that has played host to Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Natalie Maines, Michael Jordan and even Frank Sinatra.

    It was the Palms bellman who reportedly chauffeured the couple to the county courthouse sometime after 12:30 a.m. to obtain their wedding license; he then doubled as the giver-away of the bride back at the chapel. The ceremony was apparently recorded by the officiants and a copy was given to Spears and her hubby. says the newlyweds retired back to the Palms for a honeymoon in one of the casino's swankiest suites. The missus reportedly spent Saturday night at a hotel restaurant with her manager, her brother, some friends and the owner of the Palms, George Maloof.

    This is, of course, the first trip to the altar for Spears, who famously dated fellow popster Justin Timberlake for several years and most recently was linked to one of her backup dancers, Columbus Short. According to tabloid reports, Short left Spears in November and went back to his pregnant wife.

    In an October interview with Newsweek, Spears talked about getting married and having kids--in about five years, though. Then again, that was before Alexander made the scene.

    Alexander, who we presume bears no relationship or resemblance to the similarly monikered Seinfeld alum, is new on the Britney radar. He is said to be an old acquaintance of Britney's who recently reacquainted himself with her. They reportedly spent New Year's Eve at a Palms nightclub before leaving together.

    Maybe the wedding news will help goose sales of Spears' latest album, In the Zone. The disc debuted at number one in November and has sold 2 million copies since--not bad, but nowhere near the 10.5 million in sales for her biggest album, ...Baby One More Time.

    No word on whether Spears and Alexander plan on extending their honeymoon, but Britney has some free time before beginning rehearsals for her next tour, which is set to kick off March 2 in San Diego.

    Source: E! Online
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    I keep reading that an annulment is already underway . . . but mad props to that guy if he actually made it to his honeymoon duties!
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    Wow, I thought it was a joke when I saw the story on Headline News, but it seems that it happened and yes, the annulment procedures are underway. A Hollywood marriage that acutally lasted shorter than the Cher & Greg Allman debacle. I thought that record would never have been broken.

    BTW, doesn't this episode remind us of a certain Simpson's episode?
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    I kept hearing that she is still in Vegas, and that she is still trying to untie the knot. Jason is over on the East coast already. I wonder if there was to much alcohol involved?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    I keep reading that an annulment is already underway . . . but mad props to that guy if he actually made it to his honeymoon duties!

    Can I be next in line?

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    Here you go!

    Source: Britney to Annul Vegas Wedding
    Jan 4, 7:43 PM EST

    Pop star Britney Spears' first marriage will be remarkably brief even by celebrity standards. The 22-year-old married Jason Allen Alexander, a childhood friend from Louisiana, about 5:30 a.m. Saturday at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

    The bride, wearing a baseball cap and torn jeans, was escorted down the aisle by a limousine driver, a source close to Spears told the Associated Press.

    By that afternoon, the couple had arranged an annulment in the presence of several people, including a Las Vegas lawyer, said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Spears and Alexander, of Kentwood, La., "took a joke too far by getting married," her record label, Jive Records, said in a statement released to "Entertainment Tonight."

    "Ms. Spears and Mr. Alexander have filed for an annulment which will become official on Monday," read the statement by Sonia Muckle, Jive's vice president of publicity.

    Spears and Alexander journeyed by limousine to the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Strip after a stop at the Ghostbar, a club in the Palms Casino Hotel, the source said. The chapel staff told the couple they couldn't get married without a license, so they were taken to get a license and driven back to the chapel, where they were married.

    "Nobody knew it was coming," said George Maloof Jr., a friend of Spears and the owner and operator of the Palms Casino Hotel.

    Maloof denied rumors that Spears was drunk and had to be carried out of the Rain nightclub inside the Palms on New Year's Eve.

    "I was with her the whole night," he said. "None of those reports were accurate. She was just having a good time."

    Spears was staying at the Palms but was expected to leave Sunday. Employees at the chapel declined comment.

    Alexander was back in his hometown Sunday, according to his grandfather, Robert Alexander.

    "He'd been through a lot. We picked him up in New Orleans coming back and he didn't have much to say," the elder Alexander told "Entertainment Tonight."

    "I wish them well," he said. "Whatever happens, happens."

    He said Spears and Alexander had also spent Christmas Eve together.

    Calls to Alexander's family home in Kentwood were answered by a machine. His grandmother said any details about the wedding would have to come from Jason or his father.

    "We know about the wedding and stuff. It's all over the news," Betty Alexander said.

    Spears released her fourth album, "In the Zone," last November. It debuted at the top of the album charts. She begins a concert tour March 2 in San Diego.
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    the silly cow deserves all the aggravation she gets. just goes to show little girls who can't take their drink shouldn't be allowed near alcohol.

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    I posted already in JEDIpartnr's thread in the GD section but im suprised to see SirSteve post something like this. I didnt think this would be something that would catch his attention. I guess my mental picture of you is still that old Sansweet guy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kool-aid killer
    I posted already in JEDIpartnr's thread in the GD section but im suprised to see SirSteve post something like this. I didnt think this would be something that would catch his attention. I guess my mental picture of you is still that old Sansweet guy.
    i guess you missed steve's post about her in the CB?


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