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    My new Mazda RX-8

    Well the time finally came to retire the old 92 geo metro and buy a new I went big and bought the new RX-8 a week before christmas.

    And now with a car payment, something I haven't had in 7 years, and full insurance I have to cut back on star wars buying, but that's ok, there wasn't/isn't alot out there anyway. I still have enough funny money to get some of the cooler pieces and 2 of each fig, but I do have to think hard about shelling out a few extra bucks to pick off the all white clone 3-packs when I found and have all the other colors...or really think about getting the big buck items.

    But for those of you looking for a new car, just wanting to test drive a car or two, don't pass over the RX-8...its a fun ride, has plenty of HP, and sports car truely are babe magnets.

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    Do wse have a picture of your new ride yet? How about a mini review on it's handling, steering, braking? I still have about three years of payments left on my car, but at least I owe under $10,000 now.
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    The files are too large and I don't have a program to crop them down.

    It has a spoiler, sun roof, butt heat, side mirror defrost, Bose speakers and sound system. I passed on the Nav. system and some other bogus items.

    She's got the rotary engine in it and its fickle in the MN winters. I have to let the sucker warm up for 10 minuets or the engine will foul the plugs and she's dog. 250 HP, 18" wheels and over sized breaks. Its power everything and I sort of miss the old rack and pinion. Its taking me a little while to get use to the feel and power since the old metro was not a high preformance machine. The other down fall is its a gas hog. It averages 18 miles in the city and 24 on the highway, but I have yet to get that. I'm getting about 13-14 or less depending on how long I let it warm up. 92 octane or better and I'm dropping about 20 a week on gas. Due to the rotary engine she's got enough torque and power to take a corner in 3rd gear and I can be in 6th gear doing 32 mph and the tac is only at 2. Sports car suspension and she floats down the road like a dream. She red lines out at 9 and the engine is very quiet and smooth. It has a high pitched whine when she taking off and accelerating but that's just the rotors spinning.

    If you go to

    you can see all the shots since my photos are too large 500. I have the Winning Blue one...

    If I can crop and tone down the photos I'll try and attach them.

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    Re: My new Mazda RX-8

    Here's the view from the front...
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    Re: My new Mazda RX-8

    now for the side...whoops, didn't want to take...

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    Re: My new Mazda RX-8

    side and back, let see if this works...
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    Re: My new Mazda RX-8

    Here we go, side shot....
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    Re: My new Mazda RX-8

    Last ones, I swear. I just figured out how to run photoshop...
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    Re: My new Mazda RX-8

    That car is friggin' off the HOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: My new Mazda RX-8

    Thank man, if I'm rolling through Iowa this year, I'll make a side trip and take you to a TRU.


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