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    Are we ever going to see Kitik in the stores?

    Does anyone know if we will ever see the Kitik figure in the stores. I don't want to spend $150 on it.
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    Hasbro made these, so every day they sit in a warehose Hasbo looses money.

    We will see these eventually. Afterall they have already been produced, it's just a matter of finding an outlet for 'em. Wal-Mart passed on the exclusive rights for 'em.

    My guess is they will save 'em for release when their plate isn't so full.
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    Every week that passes by I hear of somone getting this item or one appears on E-bay. As time goes on I become proportionately jealous over it and it is building up to an intolerable degree. I will have this figure, even if I have to go picketing in front of Hasbro Headquarters.
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    We're just gonna have to wait. I can for now, I'll just stay away from the archive books so I dont see pictures of him/her. In the mean time I'll look forward to seeing those other Jabba's Palace goons.
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    I doubt we will ever see it in stores here. Maybe a fan club exclusive or something. I hope and pray that we do get this in some way soon.
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    Almost everything that was exclusive or HTF seems to wind up on clearance at KB eventually.
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    I believe hope remains to find this set at a store at some point. My best guess is Target or The Official Star Wars Fan Club. One of these entities will eventually take the last set of cantina bar figures. I have a good feeling about this.
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    I suggest emailing the fan club letting them know the interest in getting these figures. I sent them an email a few months back suggesting that they pick these up and offer them to the fans. The more emails they get from different people the more they will be aware that we want them.
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    I suggest putting her in a TRU four pack with Evanzan, Whuler and a hero.
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    Its a rough call. I ordered mine through Kebco but no word on it yet. I still have hope.
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