Robinson to Front New Band?
Wed Jan 7,12:25 AM ET

By Sarah Hall

Coming soon to a stadium arena near you: the Black Temple Roses?

Former Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson (news), Robert and Don DeLeo and Eric Krets of the Stone Temple Pilots and possibly some former member of Guns N' Roses are joining up to form a new supergroup, according to the New York Post.

Each aforementioned band has either been placed on extended hiatus or dissolved beyond recognition to the collective mourning of rock fans everywhere.

Robinson left the Crowes in 2001 amid internal squabbling with bandmate and brother Rich, and set out to launch a solo career. His 2002 release New Earth Mud included the song "Katie Dear," a tribute to his bride, Kate Hudson (news), who is due to deliver the couple's first child any day now.

The DeLeo brothers and Krets became involved in a make-up, break-up relationship with STP bandmate Scott Weiland (news), whose drug addictions landed him a jail sentence and repeated rehab stints, causing the band to resort to extended hiatus status.

No information on which former members of Guns N' Roses, if any, would be signing on with this latest in supergroup formations; however, several of them have already signed on to other projects.

In fact, this latest amalgamation of Crowes, Pilots and Roses is not to be confused with the other Pilots-Roses merger, otherwise known as Velvet Revolver, which features the embattled Weiland on vocals and the instrumental talents of Slash, Duff McKagan (news) and Matt Sorum, all late of Guns N' Roses.

Velvet Revolver's long-awaited debut release is set for spring, and the band plans to tour beforehand in Europe and Asia before returning to the States to promote their as-of-yet untitled album. No word on when the new Robinson-fronted band will lay down some tracks or hit the road.
Wow! Robinson was the head of one of the greatest 90s bands until Kate Hudson came along and Yoko-Ono'd them. To hear he might take on members of two other great bands is good news indeed.

But what former GNR members? We can assume that the members of Velvet Revolver (Slash, Duff, Matt, and sometimes Izzy) and Axl's GNR Cover Band (Dizzy) are out. Which leaves:
Gilby Clarke
Steven Adler
(possibly) Izzy Stradlin
any pre-Appetite for Destruction fellows
anyone who was in the band for a week between The Spaghetti Incident and the present
The Suicide Horns (okay, now I'm pushing it)

I have no idea (without checking liner notes, which I don't have access to at the moment) what instruments the DeLeo brothers play, so I don't know if Steven's even an option. So we're left with (discounting very minor players who no one remembers) Izzy and Gilby, two very talented "second guitarists" with very similar styles. Personally, I'm hoping for Izzy, since he's post-GNR solo career has been more in line with the Southern Rock/Rolling Stones type music that the Black Crowes played. But I'll be super-happy if it's either of them.