View Poll Results: After 9 years, which was the best year for Star Wars collecting?

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  • 2003 (Saga, Clone Wars line, Hailfire Droid etc)

    38 15.70%
  • 2002 (Saga, POTJ, Republic Gunship, Interactive R2D2)

    11 4.55%
  • 2001 (POTJ, B-wing, etc.)

    28 11.57%
  • 2000 (Episode One, POTJ, AAT Tank)

    9 3.72%
  • 1999 (CommTech figures, Episode One, Royal Starship)

    23 9.50%
  • 1998 (Freeze Frame, Expanded Universe, AT-AT, etc.)

    72 29.75%
  • 1997 (POTF2 Hologram cards, Darth Vader TIE Fighter, etc.)

    26 10.74%
  • 1996 (POTF2 red cards, Shadows of the Empire, Snowspeeder, etc.)

    10 4.13%
  • 1995 (POTF2, Millennium Falcon, X-wing, etc.)

    25 10.33%
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    Which was your favorite year for Star Wars collecting?

    Many of us have been around since the 1995 modern Star Wars collecting revival. A large group of us were around since the '70's/'80's years that started it all.

    As we look back at the end of nearly a decade of Star Wars collecting for the modern line, tell us which was your favorite year and why.
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    What the heck, I went with 2003!

    I didn't actually get ack in the SW collecting game 'till early 1999.

    My all time favorite line is still, and probably always will be POTJ.

    However 2003, while starting off slow ended with a bang! And we got a lot of great stuff along the way. Highlights include:

    Clone Wars Animated figures
    Clone Wars (the entire line is great as far as I am concerned)
    SAGA OT Vehicles (A-Wing and TIE Fighter, even if they are re-hashes)
    Imperial Shuttle!
    Great new packaging re-design
    Good picks for new figures
    Ultra (General Reikeen!)
    Scores of figures, more than in just about any other year.

    2003 has been pretty good, despite the occassional let down.

    So, while POTJ will always be #1 in my heart, 2003 will be tough to beat in terms of overall enthusiasim for the line. Which is surprising, considering how they really disappointed me last year and early on this year.
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    Tons of cool POTF freeze frame figures and I had a blast hunting them down (items were much better distributed back then in my experience).

    I loved the ramp up to TPM with the mail away Mace Windu and the Flashback Figures. That Wal-Mart mail away poster was also cool as hell, I still have it displyed today.

    It was just such a fun year for me and I'll always enjoy those memories.

    (The EU stuff was garbage but I plenty of other stuff to enjoy)

    1999 and 2002 get honorable mentions because of the Midnight Madness shenanigans as those were both very fun times.

    Also, honorable mention goes to the year of the 2-1B and Bossk wave (I'm pretty sure it was 1997?)

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    I'm going with 1995. First time I ever started collecting toys to keep on card. I remember first seeing all the orange cards at a biggs hypermart outside Cincinnati, and the feeling it gave me. Sure the figures weren't the greatest, but the way I felt hasn't been duplicated in any of the other years I've been collecting.
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    Although I am probably representing a minority of geezers who remember back this far, modern SW collecting started in late '93 with the SW Micro Machines line which was pretty big before Hasbo-owned Kenner started POTF2 in '95. Look at '94 SW Insiders and you'll see a lot of coverage of the Micro Machines line, way more than those lame Kenner/Hasbro Action Masters or whatever they're called.

    Anyway, '97 was a pretty awesome year for collecting IMO, not only was POTF2 really fun to collect simply by hanging out at the TRU with a few other local fans, but Action Fleet was also hitting its stride and MMs were going strong as well. This was before the dark times, before scalpers sunk their claws in and Hasbro's shortpacking misdeeds became so cruel. It was a good time really, trading was easier and things were more fun.

    My second choice was 2001 POTJ-era. Half the line was designed by the recently-acquired Galoob division and that really showed as a lot of the line turned out much better than the Episode I line which came before. Also, though there were some bumps in the road, overall the POTJ line had better case assortments, it seemed like there was enough product to go around without flooding the pegs.
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    I went with this past year. EVen though alot of stuff I didnt see until late in the year, I still love the stuff. The figs seem better made, and a quality that hasnt been there since POTJ. If Hasbro keeps it up we will be all good for awhile.
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    I went with 1995, since I really can't remember much of any particular year, and the items listed were rather vague. I actually enjoyed any year that I had enough disposable income to get most of what I wanted. I've got to admit my collection has really taken off since they started releasing the toys again way back in the 90's.
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    1998 baby!!! I loved this year, some of the best figures and the best pack in and card ever!
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    Turbo, the only reason I didn't choose '98 was because so much was scalper-bait that year, especially in our neck of the woods. After they opened Los Feliz TRU, it seemed to cause a big spike in scalpering. (is that a word? ) Great year for figures, just not for finding 'em IMO, but I did think about it for a minute before voting.
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    well i went with 2001, cuz that was the year that my collection gained big time. i do like the 2003 line better as far as the figures go, but as far as collecting goes, 2001 was the best
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