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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    The trailer is up at

    Look to be pretty interesting. I've just only blossomed as a Metallica fan (old stuff, primarily), but this looks to be a pretty engrossing flick. I do hope they have a scene where Lars complains about downloading music because that would be hilarious. enjoy!
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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    That's the second trailer Lars Ulrich hater!
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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this documentary. I've been a Metallica fan since grade school when Ride the Lightning came out in I think 1984 or 85. Like most people though I like their earlier work more. They're truly one of the best live bands I've ever seen so having the opportunity to peak into what happens behind the scenes is very appealing.

    This will be the first documentary that I've seen theatrically.
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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    we've been hearing about it for long enough. i'm just waiting for it to finally be shown. i don't miss a live show with them, i'll be just as happy to watch them on the big screen.

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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    Has anyone heard anything about a release date?
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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    My cousin got to see this movie at an advanced screening. He said it was enjoyable but you lose all respect for them as Gods of Metal.
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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    It opens July 9, but in limited release. It's doing film festivals until then.

    The word awhile back was that when Metallica comes back stateside after their current European stint, they would release the film in the areas as they are touring there.
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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    Some Kind of Monster.

    gives the limited release locations for CA and NY.

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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    Thanks DJ!

    Att he bottom of the page was a link for volunteers to help at the openings in different cities. Doesn't say what it entails, but it could be tons of fun, a chance to meet new people, and possibly get some cool swag!
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    Re: The Metallica movie.........

    after waiting and waiting and wondering if i might have to take a road trip to see it, Some Kind of Monster finally opened in denver. i went to a matinee and was surprised to see that there were other people present.

    the film itself was good, if somewhat disjointed as a documentary tends to be. kirk was the highlight of the movie. rarely did he have anything to say, but when he did it was generally funny. the movie protrayed them in a mostly human light, as normal people.

    phil towle, their therapist/performance coach, had some of the worst sweaters. initially he was definitely not into the music, but by the end even he couldn't keep from smiling and nodding along to the music during jam sessions.


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