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    I liked Andy Dick's performance as Ki-Adi-Mundi from those MTv awards a few years ago ! ! !

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    Based solely on looks, which is all Ep1 left us to go on, I'd have to say Plo Koon.

    When we get to see them all in action I'll probably have a more educated opinion.
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    In Jedi Power Battles, I think Adi Gallia is the coolest fighting wise, and is my favourite Jedi to be. How she uses her lightsaber back-hand is just so cool.
    But... I must say Saesee Tiin is still the coolest.
    Also, Micah Giett who was a member in the graphic novel 'Acts of War', and was replaced by Ki-Adi-Mundi, was the coolest by far. How he used two lightsabers was cool, and he was very humourus as well. But, I didn't like how he was killed, I believe he could have easily defended that laser! What does everyone else think?
    Finally, did anyone else think, in Acts of War, Master Lillet Twoseas was drop-dead gorgess? And then she got killed when she saved her Padawan!!!! I almost cried!!
    So, what about everyone else think on these issues?
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    Hey did you ever notice not only is Adi Gallia the only Jedi so far to hold her saber upside down, she's the only one packaged that way on the action figure? I remember I posted something about this a few months ago, and all the talk about Adi made me think of it.

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    the master jedi
    Yoda is, by far, my favorite Jedi Council Member and favorite character in any of the movies.

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    Thumbs up Well,

    I have to exlude Yoda, because Yoda is my favorite character in all the Star Wars movies. Other than yoda, I would have to say, for some reason, Yareal Poof.
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    Adi is a hottie...

    Plo is fierce looking...

    ...but no one can compare to my boy YODIE!
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    So Plo Koon is the coolest and Even Piell is the lamest. Who is in between?

    I think Yareal Poof is second on my list. He has four arms and would look cool in a battle scene. Second lamest is Oppo Rancicis who was actually a janitor ( he would use himself as a dust mop) and was accidentally appointed to the council by mistake. What a lame..furry...thing.

    Third coolest is Adi Gallia cause she looks cool. Third lamest is Depa Billoba because frankly, shes just a hindu. Not very exciting Jedi-wise.

    Stuck in the middle are SaeseeTiin , Ki Adi Mundi, and Eeth Koth who while not being of the lame variety are just guys in bad make-up and are one step away from being Star Trek villian species.

    Yaddle ranks as slightly less lame than the three lame-os because she is the same species as Yoda, but ranks as more lame than Saesee and the others because being a chick yoda is unoriginal.

    Yoda and Mace were not coinsidered because they are honorary cool and can't be compared to the non-speaking JCM's.
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    I think after we see yoda fight in the next movies we'll all be big Yoda fans.

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    Yoda, Yaddle = little green froggies.
    Even Piell = small pink froggy
    Plo Koon = big squished froggy
    Oppo Rancisis = hairy froggy minder
    Saesee Tiin = bull froggy (it's a horn thing...)
    Eeth Koth = horn toad froggy
    Ki - Adi Mundi = road kill froggy

    Which leaves the humans who don't count cuz human jedi are dull with a capital boring.

    Plo Koon would be my favourite out of this new lot. I like how he's mysterious looking behind his face mask. And the fact that he looks like his head is made of his intestines. Think all the EU nonsense on the jedi sucks though. They are after all just a bunch of pseudo religious zealots with bad attitude when put under stress. Like anyone would get away with using a weapon with a huge blade to sort out quibbles and fights in the real world? I think GL shows kids a bad example with all his films being so violent. They send out a message that it's okay to kill and dismember and disfigure people you don't like or just to win an argument. It's sheer madness and lunacy I tell you!
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