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    A thread to share how we display our Star Wars 12" Dolls

    Besides into Japanese Heroes...I'm a SW 12" fan. Other than a few bad face sculpts, i simply love the dolls' costume and the scale of the figures.

    How do you guys display your figures?

    Just to share my collection with the 12" community... click

    Just got my hands on the Garindan and Lando Wave from US... by the way, i'm from Singapore and to get the SW12" figures here is so difficult.

    Having some difficulty to fit all of them into the cabinet... thought of "freeing" them from their boxes but my wife prefers them in the boxes!!!

    Hope to see the community contribute to this thread by sharing with us the way you display your Star Wars collection.
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    Sweet, you have a very nice display. I will try to post some pictures of my 12" figures here, or your best bet is to go to my pictures in the Photo Gallery, then click on "collections", then click on bobafrett.
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    Wow, you even have them behind glass. I'm jealous.

    Mine are just arranged on 2 seperate bookshelves. I ran out of room with my displayed figures so only a few of the purchases I've made over the last 2 years have made it on the shelf. I'll have to take a picture or 2 and share.
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    Those look really great! It's kinda like being in a Toys R Us in Heaven. Fully stocked shelves with everything you ever wanted.

    I have just one 12" figure. The Biker Scout was just too good to pass up. (actually I have two, the original which I keep boxed and my second one which I put on Leia's speeder. that's the one in the picture below)

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    Yes the display is very nice! Someone has some cash! Those metal wind up figures are high $$$$
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    How do you guys display your figures?
    i've found that plastic totes work better than laundry baskets.


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