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    Exclamation SWFC has the new Leia and Amanaman!

    I just received word that the SWFC Store has the Leia and Amanaman in stock... sadly, they have them priced at $13.99 a piece!!!

    Oh, well...

    Funny thing is that they have the suggested retail price at $14.99... WOWWEE!! Kmart has the other deluxe figures at $9.99... what a bargain!!!

    Just thought I'd let you guys know.
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    that's cool if true.

    I'm actually on hold right now as I am type this post, to order or see if I can order these online. You get a free SW t-shirt if you place an order, I am going to attempt to get the Amanaman and Leia both.

    What news of the other figs ie Rebel Trooper, Imp Officer......?

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    it worked!

    I don't know if these figs (especially Amanaman) will be hard to find but anyway, while on hold I got my online order ready. when the customer sales rep came online, I had them confirm that they had these orders in stock. He said yes and that if I order online that I would get a free t-shirt and since I am a FC member free shipping. Very cool Thanks for the awesome tip!!!

    MTFBWY Always!!!!

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    You're welcome!!

    Anything I can do to help further one's collection!
    OK... I BLOG. YOU READ. at
    **Steven Sterlekar (1969-2001)**

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    Now I can build my very own Jabba's Sail barge diorama. whoohoo!

    CAUTION: Sarcasm Detected...........

    Seriously Thanks.

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    I'm gonna wait until they hit the stores. Patience is a virtue.

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    Thumbs down nuts!

    Just checked it out and they are both sold out. Boohoo...... Oh, well patience is INDEED a virtue.
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    I found my Luke/bacta tank and training Maul at KMart more than a month ago. I can wait and save the money.

    The fan club sells out so fast.

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    I guess patience is a virtue, but the early bird catches the pants... oh no a dreaded pants virus.

    I meant the early bird catches the p pa pan pant WORM.

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    My area is so slow in getting stuff to start with. I'd just prefer to wait and hold onto my cash a little longer.


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