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    Exclamation That darn car?!!

    Remember that Black Buick you could play as in Rogue Squadron
    and later on in Battle For Naboo if you knew the right passcodes
    to enter. Well it has decided to grace us with its glory once again in Rogue Squadron II. It can be found on the Ison Corredor level behind the Frigate when you enter gas cloud section of the level. Below is a link to a pic of the intergalatic classic. It is still unknown if it is playable as in the other games.

    Makes you wonder why Lucas Arts loves the thing. I heard its because one of the programmers owns the car in real life and just loves to show it off.

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    cool. now i really can't wait to get this game.

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    the late '60s Buick Electra is one of my favorite cars, I had a '68 225 2-door when I was a teenager and I didn't even drive! 2nd longest production car ever made and a beast of an engine, you could pump up or lower the rear suspension via a nozzle beneath the rear bumper that took a standard air hose. The electric bench seats moved even when the car was turned off, and it's perfect blue interior had a GREAT "new old-car" smell. I loved that beast till the engine block cracked and the city towed it away. I can totally understand why the programmer who added it had an affection for it and wanted to see it in the game. It's kinda like how Han Solo feels about the Millennium Falcon, it's not beautiful to everybody, but he knows why it's great. Sure it was a land-whale, but it was a POWERFUL land whale with a 430 cubic inch V8 and power everything.

    The car in Rogue Squadron is the only thing that ever locked up my N64.
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    Interesting... the car never locked up mine. The only bad part about the car is for the interior view they uses the V-wing's interior instead of a different one for the car.
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    The only way the car will lock up the N64 is if you pause the game if you are flying as it. For those who don't know the codes, I'll post them below.


    Rogue Squadron - KOELSCH (Changes V-Wing)

    Battle for Naboo - EOCOAROS (Changes Gian Speeder)

    Rogue Leader: RS II - ? (is in a level, but unknown if playable, yet)

    More as it becomes available.


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