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    Who Has the Most Peg-Warmers?

    Let's have a contest to see who has the worst peg-warmer story. In this case, let's see who has seen the largest number of a single peg-warming figure in one place.

    My local Walmart has four pegs for basic figures. Each one is crammed with seven Zam Wesells. That makes twenty-eight. I saw at least four more on the top self, making a grand total of thirty-two Zams in one store!

    There must be other topics along this line that we could discuss as well, such as oldest or most bizarre peg-warmer. We can at least laugh about it until some new figures actually arrive.

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    Well, my Wal-Mart has nothing but 26 Palpatines. At least Zam is an interesting figure that can do more than stand and fold her hands.

    We ought to tell Hasbro or Wal-Mart to clear out their pegwarmers, like they did last year. Get rid of everything from 2002 and early 2003, or at least put them on clearance in a different aisle.
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    I don't know which figures are there, but my TRU has 6 pegs that are about 8 deep. Pretty bad!
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    For about a whole year, my Walmart had like 15 Bespin Vaders (2002 Saga) pegwarming in their very small (like 4 Pegs worth) SW section. A WHOLE YEAR.
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    I've typed it a booku, My Wal-MArt has about 6 Padme Arena's Hanging there. They finally sold off the 5 Endor Troopers during X-mas.

    28 Zam's ...........still laughing
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    My TRU has, I think, eight pegs. Of those pegs 3 are empty. One has three Lott Dods, another has 1 Lott Dod and 1 Teemto Pagalies. One peg has 1 Han Alderaan and 1 Anakin Tatooine Ambush. 2 pegs have a total 0f 10 Zuttons. It may not be as much as 36 Zam Wessel's, but I think in terms of dust gathering , it might be the worst.

    My KB has a four foot wide section of shelving full of nothing but the very first wave of AOTC figures; Orn Free Ta, Endor rebel, Obi-Wan Coruscant, Djas Puhr, Han Endor, Jango, Jango, Jango, C-3PO snap on armor, etc.

    K-Mart has 2 Zam Wessels which they've had since AOTC came out, and have subsequently gotten nothing new.

    Wal-Mart has nothing on any pegs, so I guess theirs are the least warm.

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    I saw a very, very, very dusty Lak Sivrak at Target tonight.

    One of the Wal-Marts near me has 4 pegs FULL of just Coruscant Attack Padmés and Bespin Guards. Full price, no discount and they're not going anywhere.

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    My TRU has at least 60 SW figures on the pegs, and a fairly good sized setup. The newest wave represented is the above noted Darth Bespin group. Tons of Tusken Moms and other April 14, 2002 fare. Nothing representing 2003, as that store didn't get more than 1 case worth last year. Might be time to consider dropping the price a buck or six.

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    I've been to a TRU with 9 pegs of Preview Zam, droid and Jango figures. They have been there through all the moves and resets. I think the cards have actually melted into the pegs by now. They also have a small assortment of Episode I watches that they move around between the starwars section, the role play section and the clearance aisle.

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    The Toys R Us that is closest to me has about 60 royal guards and they have been building ranks since Episode II opened. I would buy a gang of them if they ever went on clearance. But it doesn't look good.
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