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    GALACTICA TV-series given greenlight?

    Quote Originally Posted by CINESCAPE Online
    GALACTICA given greenlight?
    Magic 8-Ball says "Looks likely"

    Dateline: Tuesday, January 20, 2004

    News Editor
    Source: Hollywood North Report, Teamsters Local 155 website

    Hollywood North Report was the first to issue word that a greenlight for Sci Fi Channel's proposed BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series may have been given. The Vancouver-based Teamsters Local Union 155 has listed a production office for "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Season One" on their website. However, no start date for the production is listed and neither are any creative personnel or an address for the office.

    The two-part mini-series, which was broadcast last month on the cable channel, was filmed last year in Vancouver. It was expected that if the show was picked up for series, it would shoot again in Canada.

    Sci Fi Channel has not released any statements concerning the future of the new GALACTICA. The actors are on a retainer which reportedly expires at the end of the month, freeing them to pursue other projects, so an announcement on whether a series will happen is expected before month's end.
    Well, I hated the 4-hour mini-series from last month, but it got really good ratings and a few decent reviews, so it looks like it's gonna go weekly after all.
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    Well, I liked it. I am glad it will be picked up. We need more of these types of shows. IMO

    Though, truth be told, I wasn't really a big fan of the original series.

    Maybe Sci-Fi can make up for killing Farscape too soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CINESCAPE Online
    SCOOP: GALACTICA given six
    A trustworthy source tells us the new GALACTICA is a go

    Dateline: Wednesday, January 21, 2004

    News Editor
    Source: Anonymous

    While fans of the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA "re-imagining" wait for official word to find out whether or not The Sci Fi Channel has decided to take the show to series, we've heard from one of our trustworthy sources on the matter. According to this Vancouver-based source, the Channel has given the producers of the new GALACTICA a six-episode commitment. It just hasn't been officially announced yet.

    Debuting to strong ratings, last month's broadcast of the two-part, four-hour BATTLESTAR GALACTICA mini-series earned the Sci Fi Channel its third highest ratings ever for a program. The second night of GALACTICA grabbed a larger share of the audience than the first night. Usually this kind of good news would be enough to launch the program into a full-fledged series but the show's high cost per episode (which is ironically the same kind of issue that led to the original GALACTICA's swift cancellation after just one season) is contributing to cold feet by Channel suits. But as our source tells us -- and we know who they are and their previous established track history is solid -- the Channel has ordered a half-dozen hour-long episodes. It's expected that all of the primary cast members from the mini-series will re-appear in the series version of GALACTICA.
    So, all indications appear to be that the series will be given a tentative try-out, with more episodes ordered if the first six do well in the ratings.
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    Sweet, I really liked the mini series. I hope this is picked up for at least a few seasons. I just hope they don't put it up against Enterprise and kill both shows though.

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    Why not. It certainly couldn't be worse than all those crummy animal mutant horror movies like Alligator 2: Electric Boogaloo that SciFi keeps showing.
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    Thirteen episodes are ordered!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinescape Online
    Television News
    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA given greenlight by Sci Fi

    Thirteen episodes are ordered
    Dateline: Tuesday, February 10, 2004

    By: PATRICK SAURIOL News Editor
    Source: The Sci Fi Channel

    Sci Fi Channel has announced that it has officially given a greenlight to the first season of the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Instead of receiving an order for a minimum of six episodes (as one of our sources informed us last month), the network has committed to 13 episodes of the series, with production scheduled to commence next month in Vancouver. All principal cast members from the mini-series will reprise their roles in the series and executive producer Ronald D. Moore will serve as the series' head writer. David Eick also acts as an executive producer.

    Speaking with Sci-Fi Wire today, Moore provided new information about what to expect in the 13 episodes, as well as possibilities for storylines. The atmosphere of the series will continue to reflect the sense of doom that permeated the mini. "There will be lighter moments," explained the showrunner. "I'm sure there will have things that are unexpected and fun to play as time goes on. But the miniseries, that's the bar. That's what we're trying to [do]. ... We want to do that show every week."

    Moore also talked about trying to write characters for the original GALACTICA cast that may turn out to be reoccurring faces in the new series. "I'm probably going to approach a couple of the actors, if not all of them, at some point, and talk to them about that possibility, because I think that would be kind of cool and fun. And I think it would be interesting to find things for them in the new series. And not just, like, a walk-on, although you could do always do that. But it would fun to give them a role and have them bring something to the new show."

    Finally, fans of the old school GALACTICA have been wondering in message forums and chat rooms if any of the stories seen in the classic BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series could also be revisited in the new show, if it went to series. Moore admits that he's already begun thinking about doing just that. "I've talked about revisiting the 'Pegasus' episode, because I think that's a cool idea at some point," the writer reveals. "There's a possibility in my head we might go back and play around with the ship of lights that was in the original series. And I'm going to sit down and watch all 22 of them again, kind of go through it. But the first thing that springs to mind is that the old show did a lot of planet-of-the-week type episodes, and we're specifically not doing that on this. So a lot of those aren't going to translate very well."

    Broadcast date information as to when the first of the new episodes would air wasn't given.
    I've got a bad feeling about this!
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