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GALACTICA given greenlight?
Magic 8-Ball says "Looks likely"

Dateline: Tuesday, January 20, 2004

News Editor
Source: Hollywood North Report, Teamsters Local 155 website

Hollywood North Report was the first to issue word that a greenlight for Sci Fi Channel's proposed BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series may have been given. The Vancouver-based Teamsters Local Union 155 has listed a production office for "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Season One" on their website. However, no start date for the production is listed and neither are any creative personnel or an address for the office.

The two-part mini-series, which was broadcast last month on the cable channel, was filmed last year in Vancouver. It was expected that if the show was picked up for series, it would shoot again in Canada.

Sci Fi Channel has not released any statements concerning the future of the new GALACTICA. The actors are on a retainer which reportedly expires at the end of the month, freeing them to pursue other projects, so an announcement on whether a series will happen is expected before month's end.
Well, I hated the 4-hour mini-series from last month, but it got really good ratings and a few decent reviews, so it looks like it's gonna go weekly after all.