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    Lightbulb ZUTTON is from SW Holiday Special

    Hi folks,

    Zutton is not from ANH but from the Starwars Holiday Special. Check it out!:
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    We know....well...most of us know...
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    WHAT?!?!? Zutton but no Bea Arthur?? What is going thru Hasbro's mind???
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    HASBRO: "We already did Snaggletooth, and almost nobody has been asking for another one... so let's go with that. Say, anybody know how we can incorporate an oversized R2-D2 leg into this figure?"
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    So does that mean Takeel from the Cantina Aliens Cinema Scene is a remake of the original Kenner Snaggletooth, or is Zutton supposed to be the remake? I hope someone knows because I only collect the figures that were not produced in the original Kenner Star Wars line. I can't afford to buy everything they put out! If Zutton is a remake, that's one I can scratch off my list.

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    To the best of my knowledge, there were 2 Snaggletooths: one fro ANH, the other from the Holiday Special. Takeel, the version we got in the cinema scene, is the ANH one. Zutton, along with the Kenner-styled belt buckle, is from the Holiday Special. AS far as I'm concerned, the both original figs. I do dig the new Zutton over the exsisting Takeel!

    Hope this helps

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    The vintage Snaggletooth was based on the Holiday Special also, but not initially. Kenner first used a b/w pic of Snags from the film, but since they had no clear body reference, they produced the now extremely rare tall, blue Snaggletooth. Lucasfilm saw this inaccuracy and told Kenner to remake the figure and they provided a photo reference from the HS. Thus the corrected Snags was the HS version, just like this new POTJ version. Cool, huh?

    My question is, if they were so picky about the accuracy of Cantina aliens then how did the vintage Walrusman slip through the cracks?
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    How about the Snaggletooth from RotJ ?

    Is he supposed to be the same one from ANH?

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    Don't start that kind of talk!

    Next thing you know we'll have an EU novel about Snaggletooth's journey from his early days in Mos Eisley to his trip to Bepin all the way up to his untimely death on the Sail Barge.
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    Ok, here is an overview of "Snaggletooth" and friends. With the possible exception of Episode I, there have been Snaggletooths in every Star Wars film and one TV program.

    A New Hope - There were at least two Snags in the Cantina, Takeel and another one, perhaps even more.

    Holiday Special - Zutton (as you know).

    The Empire Strikes Back - There is a short one in blue which is seen in a microsecond on film and in some items like a folder I had when I was a kid.

    Return of the Jedi - A Snaggletooth by the name of Geezum appears in Jabba's palace and on the Sail Barge. I believe that R2 bumps into the hapless Geezum at one point.

    Well, there you have it kids, the long history of Snaggletooth. Just like Wedge, he's in every movie, though not always as the same character.


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