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    Hey GNT, how could the blue Snaggletooth be from ESB when it came out in 79, before the red Snaggletooth?

    The blue Snags was simply a mistake by Kenner, who were using a b+w photo of just Snags' face to make the figure. Lucasfilm caught the error and made Kenner change the figure to match the movie version; but they provided a shot from the Holiday Special instead of ANH.
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    And Blue Snags was just an after thought by a company called Decipher who made him up on their photoshop and added him into their Customizable Card Game.

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    There's a blue-clad female Snivvian somewhere on Bespin in ESB. I've never actually caught her in the film, but I've seen stills of her. Her face is definitely not close enough to Takeel, Zutton, or Geezum to be confused with one of them.
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