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    For Music Lovers

    Have you guys ever wondered about how much great music must be out there that hasn't been discovered, how many great bands that have yet to be signed? Well, I came across a site that has 'em all! It's free, and free to join, and you can help in reviewing the music you hear. I've been a memeber now for about 2 weeks, and have discovered some really talented bands! You can also compile favorites list of the songs you hear! Because your reviews are also reviewed and scored by the site, I have noticed that the better reviews you give, the better songs you get to review!

    check out
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    I'm amazed at how so much original music is created with the select amount of notes there are.
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    That website rules!!! Thanks for the heads-up 'Xir.
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    Anytime!!! I actually had an Idea about 2 years ago to do a site like this but I obviously really didn't have the means, but I was always on the watch for something like my idea and low and behold...

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    Hey I just came across this band on called Addison Steele! One of the better bands I've heard on the site so far. When I first heard their songs they reminded me of Live back when everyone thought Live was the shiznit, but there is something about this band that makes you forget that fact and I think they're alot better than live...IMO!

    Also about the site itself, I've noticed that whatever audio streaming technology they use, it often pops in and out so it's not the greatest sound possible; but I just wanted to relay that incase if any of you have joined the site and are reviewing bands music, that it's the site, and not crappy production by the bands themselves, so don't hold it against 'em... unless there really is crappy production on a song!


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