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    Carded pic's of Ultra Jabba and Monk sets.

    Ultra Jabba the Hutt and the Jabba's Denizens 3 pack of Bubo, B'omarr Monk, and Wol Cabba****e.

    The two are currently being auctioned as a set on eBay.
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    Very very nice. Cant wait for these. They should be out soon hopefully.
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    I'm very excited for these indeed!
    Hopefully these carded pics mean that they should be showing up in the stores in the next few weeks.
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    Very nice, very nice....nubian. Still wish they would have altered the sculpt of the Monk, to be more movie accurate. But it's nice to get it out there for the folks that missed it the first time. Wol and Bubo are great though.

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    What's a nubian?

    These do look great, I can't wait! My local Wal-Mart has 3 pegs set aside for the Ultra figures, so I am hopeful.
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    Still wish we could get the Dias somehow. Maybe $5.00 and 1,000 Jedi Master Points or something like that. I'll probably just buy a vintage Dias for the Jabba. He looks damn nice though, regardless of the missing Dias.

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    For certain i will get the court denizens. Im debating the Jabba. Ive got the Jabba Glob figure (i think hes a good one) already but this Jabbas accessories look very nice so that makes him a more attractive figure. I wonder how well he would look in my Jabba Palace diorama that came with the Han outside of carbonite block.
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    Pretty nice. I actually wish they'd added in the little gargoyle thingies from the dias so if you wanted to build your own you caold have all the necessary bits to add o to it that would m,ake it look cool. I mean the slab itself isn't that hard to throw together out of card and then texturise with plastikote fleckstone or something. waffle waffle. Bubo looks really cool but I'd rather have got Yarna instead of the damned monk. It's such a space hogger. nice enough I suppose but.....

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    Very cool, I think I have like three Jabbas already (don't quote me on that) I know I have at least two with the Dias, but not sure how complete the second Dias is.
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    [font=Century Gothic]Nice pics. Looking forward to seeing these figures when they come out.[/font]

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