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    Fans on Hyperspace Got to Watch THE DUEL and comment on it live in real time!

    I was just reading the introduction to the Insider (Luke Skywalker cover) by Pablo Hildago, and he said that Ewan McGreggor and Hayden Christensen requested the web cams be turned on live while they filmed their epic duel - probably the most important lightsaber fight in Star Wars history!

    Ewan and Hayden wanted to know what the fans thought! Immediately!

    That is dedication!

    So they brought the web cams in for the huge duel. (That alone would have made it worth being a member all along!)

    Apparently, it was so cool, so varied, so intense (they each lose their lightsabers for a bit and go Ninja on each other for a bit of martial-arts expo like the Matrix or Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon), that all the fans were just blown away and totally cheered them on.

    For the first time in history, Star Wars fans had the chance to influence the movie WHILE IT WAS BEING SHOT!

    Lucas was there. Hayden and Ewan were there. Nick Gilliard was there.

    And after each sequence they were joining Pablo Hildago and looking over his shoulder, reading the LIVE comments, and toning up their performance to meet expectations!

    Dude. He says Ewan McGreggor was insistant on it! No wonder he comments he was so exhausted after shooting that - his hardest work to date on ANY movie he's starred in he said.

    I am so stoked they cared so much. I have 0 (ZERO) doubt that this fight will be choreographed PERFECT!

    Made for the fans, WITH THE FANS, with dedicated actors like Ewan and Hayden, this is going to rock so hard!

    For The Phantom Menace - I bought tickets to 7 shows up front, before I ever saw the movie.

    For Attack of the Clones - I bought about 3 shows, realizing and succeeding without trouble in seeing the film 5 times in the opening first couple of days.

    Can you even guess how many tickets I'll pre-pay for Episode 3 on?

    I mean you have to see the movie 2 times in a row (back to back) to absorb it all and meet your satisfaction for just the first viewing. But this movie could be so good (for the effort put into it) that I might have to just LIVE at the movie theater once it opens!

    Thank you Ewan!
    Thank you Hayden!
    Thanks Nick!
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    i doubt this is true. if it is, why haven't we heard about it? if i had known about perks like this i may of paid the fee to view hyperspace.

    i've always thought, if a company is going to charge for commercials, then they should let us see what is being filmed.

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    Is this true? Do you have any idea how long it takes to shoot even the simpliest of stunt sequences much less an extensive fight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid
    Is this true? Do you have any idea how long it takes to shoot even the simpliest of stunt sequences much less an extensive fight?
    yea, if i recall correctly, the episode 1 obi-wan/maul fight took a few weeks(i think) to film, and we all know it was only a few minutes in length.

    i just don't think fans had access to the saber fight via the web cam. we would of heard goofballs like those at "aint it cool" and the force dot net going ga-ga over this last summer.

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    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, I have that issue of SWI as well and I don't remember reading anything as in depth as what Tycho is saying.

    I do recall Ewan asking what the fans were saying on the website but I don't think there was an exchange of this nature.

    I need to double check . . .

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    I've not seen it, nor heard anything about it. Even if we did get to watch it, we'd only get one still image every 20 seconds so wouldn't even feel the intensity of the fight, or even know what was happening .

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    I would also assume that any audio would have been turned off. I don't know what the mood on the EPIII set was like, but it isn't always wine and roses when filming.

    Like I said, I have no idea if this really happened or not, but I'd be really surprised if it did. Maybe for a couple hours or something on a random day, but I highly doubt they'd show the entire thing.

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    Yep it's best to stay spoiler free as much as possible.
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    Huh, I have Hyperspace. No such thing has ever happened when I checked on it. I and the rest of the fan world must have been asleep for that one. I guess it was like Men In Black, where after we gave them our input, they flashed us with those things so we forgot about the whole thing.
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    I don't know Tycho, when I read your post I was like huh, that had to be pretty cool(cause I don't subscribe to Hyperspace), but judging by these other replies and your avatar that you've had for awhile now...**snap** **snap** Come back to us're not losin' it now are ya man? Are you sure you didn't dream this or something?


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