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    More Animated-style!

    I know this is coming from left field, but after liberating the entire set of Animated Clone Wars figures from their packages, I realized just how cool they really are. (A slight bit of articulation in the legs and some more in the arms would have been nice though... )

    Regardless, I started to dream about what some of the Classic Trilogy characters might look like if done in this style. An animated Darth Vader instantly came to mind as well as Biker Scouts, Snow Troopers, and even Ewoks. A "Dooku-seque" Grand Moff Tarkin and maybe even an Emperor figure. To top it off, there's no doing without R2 and C-3PO.

    Of course, this is all reminiscent of the classic Ewoks and Droids vintage series which are prohibitively expensive (or impossible to acquire anyhow). Doing an entire new line of "animated" style characters would be a very welcome addition to the "realistic" waves of figures.

    (Oh, one more thing...I LOVE the "Star Wars" figure stands you included with these guys. Very cool! )

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    Yes, I say "bring 'em on"!

    I would KILL for an animated style Vader (and a concept art Vader for that matter).

    The animated figures rock! And like stillakid, I really appreciated them more when I busted open a set. Oh yeah, and make a Obi General (in clonetrooper armor) already. Everybody wants one!

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    Mine are on card but i still feel that these pieces are awesome. I wouldnt mind seeing some of the older characters made in this style. I would love to see Boba, Wicket and a Gamorrean Guard done like this.
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    I really like these figures. I passed on the "regular" Clone Wars figures but bought these up right away. I really do think they are awesome, but then again I am also a fan of the classic Droids and Ewoks figures.
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    I am actually in agreeance (Thank you Fred Durst!) with Stilla on this one; these figures are fantastic!!! I'd love to see Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie animated style! That would just be awesome!!!
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    i know these seem to be very popular but i really, really, REALLY don't like the style of the cartoons or the figures that go with them. sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arctangent
    i know these seem to be very popular but i really, really, REALLY don't like the style of the cartoons or the figures that go with them. sorry.

    Never apologize for an opinion! Besides, that just means more for us.

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    I think the Animated Clone Wars figures look cool, though I've not bought any of them yet -maybe Dooku cause I'm a big Christopher Lee fan. Jango, R2, or C-3PO would be cool.

    But I'd be happy if the line ended after the 2nd Series, I think they've made all the principal characters which is all they need to do. The last thing we need is desperate rehashes of an Animated Pilot Anakin or Obi-Wan.
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    I've bought Animated Anakin and Obi-Wan. They are fantastic and highly recommended.

    I wouldn't mind animated classic trilogy figures as long as they did an animated series of the old trilogy that ran concurrent with the figures. I'd definitely like to see an animated series of the galactic civil war in between Episode III and Episode IV. Ideally set a few years before A New Hope so it'd be more Old Trilogy-ish.

    Can't wait to pick up Animated Dooku and Yoda.

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    Does anyone, or everyone, consider these toon wars toys to be EU? 'cause I kinda do.... Not sure. But they do however, Kick.
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