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    From Comics to Screen

    With the plethera of Comic book heros appearing on or comming to the silverscreen, I thought I'd create one big thread to encompass them all. I've put some direct links to certain movies in the works taken from and was just wondering what your overall thoughts are, and what you'd really like to see on the Big Screen:

    Spiderman 2
    The Punisher
    Batman: Intimidation
    Alien vs Predator
    Iron Man
    The Fantastic Four
    The Transformers
    Superman V
    Batman vs Superman
    X-Men 3

    Well there's a good starter list, One comic book hero that is just made for the big screen that has not even a whisper in the rumormill for a movie is Green Lantern. I'd love to see this character, and mainly Hal Jordan: Green Lantern brought to life, but I'm afraid that even if the project got a greenlight(no pun intended), that by the time that this got to the bigscreen after this huge windfall of comicbook hero movies, that it wouldn't get the attention it deserves! People will be sick of this genre of movie in about 3 to 4 years!
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    I'll admit that, isn't exactly up on the rumor mill, but If a movie is close to production or set for release they are usually pretty good about providing reliable information. Hey ya gotta figure they're tracking every possible movie that ever was made or will be made so they can't exactly keep track or be on top of it all, but they try!
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    Thanks for the list!

    I know that a lot of serious comicbook readers don't care too much for it, but I'd love to see a faithful attempt at DANGER GIRL.

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    Hell if we've had a Tank Girl movie, why the hell not!

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    If you haven't seen it here is the trailer for The Punisher

    Pretty Cool!!! Lot's of Explosions!

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    There's also a pretty large 'Marvel' thread that I posted a while back that has news from Avi Arad about the various upcoming marvel projects. There's also threads for most of those, located in this section.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    I guess this thread is for talking about general feelings about comic book movies and what we like to see become movies someday.

    Just if you want to get into specifics of a film, like say Spiderman 2 or the new Batman, then do so in its thread.

    Good thread idea, Xir.
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    I did see your thread JJ, and debated about resurrecting it or starting this new one, but like I said, I wanted a thread that encompassed all the movies, that everyone could share in, not just marvel fans! Can't ya feel the love!

    Oh and JBF there's no restictions here, if ya wanna get into specifics go for it, but yeah what you said on the actual idea of the thread!
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    No probs, 'Xir. It works. I just posted a link to it for those 'Marvel' fans that post in this thread. And I need to run to the Superman thread now and drop some disturbing casting news. Up up and away!

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    I've been wanting a Green Lantern film for years! Start with Hal Jordan in the first one, sticking closely to the storyline of the Emerald Dawn 1 &2 mini-series. Then for the sequel, throw in Guy Gardner, who finds out he was the first choice for GL, gets 'hold of Sinestro's ring somehow, causes trouble for Hal, and finally joins with him to defeat Sinestro (who isn't as dead as believed). Then at the end of #2, Guy becomes a GL, too.

    Rumor is there's a GIJoe movie in the works, too.

    I've not heard any word on Spawn 2 for quite a while, and assume it's (unfortunately) in limbo.

    Doubt it will happen, but I'd kill to see a Mystery Men sequel. With all the same cast, of course.

    Other comics that could be awesome films:
    Martian Manhunter
    Silver Surfer
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