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    Will we ever get Red Leader CARDED?

    I was looking at the images posted of their exclusive Red Leader X-wing (Amazon does Toys R Us' online orders).

    I'm not buying that (though as a non-completist, there's a lot I don't get).

    Garven (Red Leader's name is Garven Dreis) looks to be made out of skinny Luke (POTJ's) body and a new head (possibly WITHOUT removeable helmet).

    That sucks.

    If they made a good Garven Dreis figure, and his red&black R5 unit, I'd be all over those figures.

    Hasbro Direct does a lot of the exclusive ships and they use the parts of old stuff (I mean the X-wing is the Power F/X X-wing that they've gutted since the Dagobah X-wing with R2D2 exclusive for 2002).

    I never went for any of those, BTW.

    I thought the POWER FX one was great, but I do dioramas. I also own 5 or more X-wings I use for various scenes, several near other ships such as TIE Fighters or the Millennium Falcon, and I'd like the scale appearances between the ships to look somewhat right.

    So the original sculpt for the thing was cool - but there was never any place for that size in my collection.

    If I recollect, the Power FX one didn't sell that great and was clearanced around 1999 (it debuted in 98).

    I think the whole solution to the thing is to make the darn ships to scale:

    The Falcon to scale we've wanted for years!
    TIEs, A-wings, Y-wings, B-wings, etc. won't be that hard, and they'd sell all over again.

    Then I'd go out and get the DAGOBAH X-wing, since the figures are removeable, and you just can't screw up R2D2!

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    We should get alot of pilots carded. There are some that I have missed in the past like Jek. Hasbro should make a pilot wave. ANd re issue some of the older figs or resculpt them too.
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    I am still waiting on the human b-wing pilot on a single card. The rumor is this: The Dagobah r2-d2 (that came with the TRU x-wing) will be released on a single card at some point! This is great news for me because I sold my packaged x-wing about five months ago!!
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    Yestertoys still has the Saga (Dagobah) X wing for $23 non mint $25 mint....his frieght is always $5.80 to US Customers...

    beats $40 in the store.
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    Tycho, yea it's kinda sad. The X-wing itself is bland, the pilot is Luke's body and probably a redone Biggs head. There is no trace of lens or any other feature that looks like the helmet might be removeable like other Pilot figures. That really really bites, all they had to do was come up with a new head to fit inside Pilot Luke's helmet. Is that really so hard? They're already using the mold Plus it's not like the Saga X-wings didn't sell, they sold pretty well during Christmas 2002 it seemed.

    Really, really sad. Why couldn't it be a new Y-Wing with exclusive astromech figure for the Y-Wing pilot coming out soon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    and you just can't screw up R2D2!
    Except if his sculpt sucks, his legs don't move, and his action feature is feeble at best.

    Now wait a minute . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    The Falcon to scale we've wanted for years!
    TIEs, A-wings, Y-wings, B-wings, etc. won't be that hard, and they'd sell all over again.
    Do you remember the Falcon dsiplay that hung at TRU years ago? That thing was 6'x4'x2.5'. I have one ( a friend won it in the drawing and gave it to me) and it is darn near to scale with the 3 3/4" figures. The cockpit is what made me take notice. The space between Han and Chewie, plus the number of people that fit behind them and the extra space that still exists... that all equals up to one huge ship that is about the size of the "Falcon Extroirdinaire."

    Anyways, the others wouldn't be as hard to do and would be cool.

    Has anyone seen more photos of the packaging for Red Leader? Is he going to be in the fighter or out of it? Is there going to be an astromech or not?

    just wondering


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