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    Having any luck remaining Spoiler free?

    Being that you're interested in remaining spoiler free for the last of the SW movies, how's it going so far?

    Being that this forum is where I get most of my SW info, I can avoid the Spoiler section but I still occasionally see a thread topic which in itself is a spoiler. Other than that and a few non-descript pictures I'm still quite in the dark with what we have in store for us.

    I don't know why I'm so set on being spoiler free for the SW movies. No other movie that I've had an interest in seeing have I bothered to not hear anything about it before heading in to the theater. Perhaps I'm trying to maintain the same suprise reaction I had when I saw the OT in the theater as a kid. I had no idea what I was instore for and was blown away everytime. The first 2 PT movies were a blast to see as a spoiler free viewer. Darth Maul? The Obi/Qui/Maul duel? Jango Fett? The appearance of the Death Star? All awesome suprises.
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    I wanted to be spoiler free for the first two crap-quels but I decided for numero 3 that I didn't care anymore. The major set pieces are a forgone conclusion (ie the duel) so there's no surprise there. Apart from that, it was the little additions and things that managed to fail in the other two so I figure that if I learn about them beforehand, it'll take some of the , as in "what the hell was George thinking! " reaction off when I actually get into the theater. Part of the pre-conditioning to be disappointed. Call it a bad attitude, but he's responsible. Now, this being the case, if I go this negatively, there's no where to go but UP! Right? Maybe Georgey won't disappoint this time. I've heard that miracle do happen.

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    For the mopst part I am spoiler free. I have looked at the footage of them making the fight scne, but that was basic knowledge anyhow that Obi and Anakin fought. I also looked at the clonetrooper cover of SW insider. I dont consider those spoilers since it is just basic knowledge that was going to happen. I still dont know plot lines and what characters are in the movie except for the main characters and I want it that way.
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    I'm doing pretty well myself. I used to use the "see new posts" button on the old forums quite a bit, but stopped when I read one thread title that gave away a significant epIII event in the title. So I guess I've spoiled myself for one occurrence. Both times in the past I've done well too - until the novel comes out a few weeks before the movie. That did me in for Episodes I and II, unsure as yet how I'm going to be able to avoid falling into that trap this time.

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    I've done fairly well. I've resisted the urge to look in the spoiler section, but like jj, I've seen the thread titles. But, this ealry in the game, there's still a lot that can change so I don't really worry about the thread titles. I don't consider anything from official sources, Like SW Insider, as spoilers.
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    Unless you count seeing pictures of Anakin with long unkempt hair, or knowing that there are wookiees in ep 3, I can confidently say that I am spoiler free, which may be why I get into so much trouble posting questions about why Vader doesn't have any emotional response to seeing Tatooine again in ANH, or if the Jedi's get military ranks in the Clone Wars, etc.

    One of the worst experience I had was reading the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade script (the real thing, not some forged deal) before I saw the movie. The script was fantastic--actually better than the movie, or at least that's how I felt once I saw it. It's never captured a sense of magic for me in viewings since.

    I had no idea Qui-Gon was going to die in TPM, and was glad for it. Imagine if we had all heard in advance that Darth vader was Luke's father before seeing TESB....

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    Quote Originally Posted by B'Omarr Monkey
    Imagine if we had all heard in advance that Darth vader was Luke's father before seeing TESB....

    Arrgggh! I did. I was in 5th grade and one of the girls in my class (super hot, now that I remember her in retrospect...she moved to Hawaii...god, should have kept track of her...but I digress)....anyway, she had gone to see ESB on the opening weekend and came back to school and blabbed about it to everyone. With no time to run away or react, I suddenly knew all about the father thing. sigh. What are you going to do.... she was hot though, for a 5th grader. I can only imagine what she became in a few Hawaii. Ahh, those were the days....

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    It was blabbed at my public school too. I remember being actually choked at my dad for not taking us to see it first showing - I had always claimed to be the biggest fan in the school, etc - and to be asked if I knew THAT tidbit of info was a little much. I was verklempt, to say the least.

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    I'm not doing as well as I would like, but doing a lot better than I thought I would. I still read official information, and because of Hyperspace that means there is a lot of it, so I know more than I would like. I haven't read any unofficial spoilers but have accidently come across the odd name or bit of information but nothing overly important. As for the story, haven't a clue .

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    I am pretty spoiler free (although not perfect). All I know is what ever the Insider shares (and maybe 1 or 2 more things, but nothing serious). I try not to even go in this forum in fear of seeing somethingI dont want.
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