It's doubtful that anyone else one here lives in my area, but I thought i'd start a thread just in case. If there is anyone, we can help each other out with the latest finds.

I checked everywhere this weekend. Seems that the Meridian / Farview walmart got in the hoth wave. I managed to snag the last Hoth Luke, since I still hadn't found him. Other than that there was one last hoth soldier and a few of the ultra figures. The Eagle Rd Target also had just stocked up with the hoth wave and had a pretty good supply. Other than that they had plenty of wave one of the animated figures.

I went to toys r us, seeing that they had a sale going on for buy 15 dollars worth of figures and get a free sw figure. The flyer even had some pics of the newest figures, but alas my hopes were crushed when I saw the same sight thats been there since after christmas. Nothing. All they have is various rejects from the outlander wave. TRU is pretty lame as of late. As far as I can tell they haven't restocked since christmas, and thats pretty pathetic considering there's only about 4 figures total on their shelves.

The Boise target has the pegwarming imp dignitary and the Ack Med Beck on the shelves. And they also have plenty of the wave one animated figures.

So it was a pretty dry weekend, but I atleast managed to score one new figure.

If anyone on here lives in my area I'd like to hear from you, post away with you're finds