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    Star Trek The Original Series

    So who here is a huge fan of the Original Star Trek? I've anyways wanted an Original Star Trek thread and now I have one, haha.

    Anyways, I like Original Trek best because of the nostalgia and the classic vintage look of it. Plus William Shatner's charisma and over-acting, Nimoy's great character acting and all the great side characters and absurd alien costumes.

    Anybody else?
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    I remember watching it when I was younger because it was the only interesting thing on TV on Saturdays at around 5 in the afternoon. I really hated all the love stuff that they had Kirk do every so often.

    I imagine that it's on cable but I don't know who shows it or at what time. Anyone know?
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    Sci Fi shows it, but I'm not sure if it has a scheduled time slot or not. I caught some episodes Friday when they had Star Trek playing for part of their daily rotation they show from 11am-4pm. The thing about that is, the show changes everyday, so one day it is Star Trek, the next day they show Amazing Stories, the next day is Quantum Leap, etc. I guess check sci-fi's programming to see when they show it.
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    It's on the Sci-Fi Channel, I dont' know what times but they often have Star Trek Marathons where they show random episodes for hours on end. Good times!

    My favorite episodes have to be "The Trouble With Tribbles" or "I, Mudd"
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    SFC has totally screwed their schedule up, so it's not on every day anymore, it bounces around and has those aforementioned blocks, but they're the traditional syndication cut versions rather than the entire episodes that SFC used to show.

    TOS is great, I was born a Trekkie and even though TNG is my favorite series, TOS is a close 2nd (and DS9 is a close 3rd, then Enterprise & Voyager distant 4th & 5th). I love how TOS was able to get to the meat of the stories in seasons 1 and 2 before Gene Roddenberry left and the network slashed budgets and move timeslots yet again. That was the best part about TOS for me, most of the stories had some comedy, some drama, the central plot, and special effects that did enough of the job so my imagination could fill in the rest. They really pulled off a lot with such a shoestring budget. When I was a kid, I was sorta annoyed by Nurse Chapel and Chekov, but as I got older, I found I liked their work and only Scotty felt wrong more than usual. The most annoying thing on the show to me was when the weapons on the ship would come out of the wrong place or torpedoes would be ordered and you'd hear their sound but see phasers. Ultimately though, I guess what made the show work for me the best was that these people weren't amazed with their ship, they were comfortable and acclimated to their fictional universe and amidst that was the chemistry of the 3 leads.
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    I am a fan of the original series. I remember staying up late (10-11pm) on school nights when I was in Junior High so I could watch!

    Then they brought in TNG and I remember getting all excited that they had decided to revive the old series.

    DS9 was a really slow starter for me. It took me years to really get into it, then they got some really good and complex storylines and I was hooked on Space Opera again!

    I think the same thing is happening with me now with regards to Enterprise. I love where the storyline and the characters are going.

    Also, whereas JT liked that the original crew conveyed a sense of comfort with the Enterprise. I like the way that Archer and the crew seem to be getting aquainted with the Enterprise. It really feels like the first voyage of this great ship.
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    I own the entire series on Tape including THE CAGE which I taped off of the Sci-fi channel, (they didn't have it with the tape series, although I think they have it on the DVD ). I love Spock. He is one of the best charachters ever created of any genre. His scraps with McCoy are timeless. I find it interesting though of how the dialougue is alot less PC than you would find in TGN and on. And after watching the entire series you find about one third of TOS eps have been redone in the following thereafter series'. That number has probably increased with ENTERPRISE. I don't mind that they are redoing eps in ENTERPRISE but would like to see them get going more with the epsidoes we were promised with answering more questions and seeing more of eps of the origins of species we know and love instead of all these new ones. Was refreshing to see the Andorians again.
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    I am a Niner and a proud veteran of the Dominion Wars!

    But TOS is my second favorite Star Trek of all time, and Captain James T. Kirk is my favorite Starship Captain ever!

    TOS is Classic and timeless, even today.

    Enterprise does not aggravate me, if I can sense where they are headed correctly. I just think they ought to hurry up and get there, so that the show doesn't lose more of an audience than it may have already. But it does not have to counter TOS continuity, and I don't see that it is, or think that it will. I have more faith in Bragga and Berman than that.

    Meanwhile, I still revel in watching the old series with Kirk, and I love all 6 movies that they made.

    I think the best moments in the Spock-McCoy relationship are captured in what's often the least favorite of the Trek movies: Star Trek 5. The camping trip at the beginning of that movie is the best!

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    I've been a fan of the original Star Trek series since I was a kid. My sister and I used to battle over who'd get to watch "their" show on our old black and white 13" TV. She'd argue for the Brady Bunch and I'd fight for Trek. We'd alternate and to this day, I really hate the Brady Bunch.

    I've been watching that show for close to 30 years now, and still love having it on the TV when I can find it. I love the look of the show, I love the way 60's TV shows look in general, but Trek was always this great brightly colored science fiction comic book. It would be there to distract me every day after school. A brilliant mix of impossible, silly and exciting stories that always gave us plenty of latex alien faces, computer consoles decorated in blinking lights or planets covered in fiberglass rocks.

    Just watched "Devil in the Dark" with my son the other day, and had a great time seeing him get excited about something as cool and silly as the Horta.

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    I loved the Horta. I actually hope ArtAsylum will make an "action figure" of the Horta to go with our Classic Trek figures!

    Devil in the Dark! - great episode.

    How come with TOS, like 65% of the Episodes or more are all memorable classics, and even taking proportions into account, none of the other shows touched that?

    Probably because TOS actually is the all-time best Trek ever (though by genre, DS9's band-of-brothers war era approach was something so stadard to be appealing to me).


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