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    hmmm, i rarely check out this section, which explains my lateness in showing up here.

    my top 10 sit coms of all time

    all in the family
    the odd couple
    fawlty towers
    dick van dyke
    i love lucy
    the bob newhart show (the old one from the 70's)
    the honeymooners

    the satirical issues explored on all in the family, make that show (imho), the far away best sit com ever produced. the show contiued to be relevent and quite funny through it's 8 year run. even the final years, when most shows that last that long have long since lost their appeal, aitf, kept it going strong and true to it's original concept ideals.

    the odd couple, presented some of the sharpest comedic writings, performed by quite possibly the best match duo ever in television history. Jack klugman and tony randall played off of each other like no one else in sit com history. the comdeic timing of these two was amazing to watch. the 1st two years were pretty lackluster due to the show being scripted and taped in a closed studio. it wasn't until the 3rd year, when they changed the format to be filmed before a studio audience, that that the show really took off, and the talents of mssr. klugman, and randal were fully shown.

    when watching monty python, i can at times either take it or leave it. some of the skits were absolutely brilliant, while others left me flat. not so with fawlty towers. everyone of the waaaaay to few episodes is fabulous! john cleese along with the rest of the cast, performed the zany episodes flawlessly

    cheers displayed some of the finest comedy scripts of all time. the developement of each cast member over the years grew stronger and stronger. although there are some dud episodes along the 11 year run of the show, as a whole, i was rarely disapointed for the entire run

    i usually lump cheers and taxi together, as they were both created by the same team. the characters and stories were well thought out. reverend jim could possibly be my favorite television character of all time

    dick van dyke set the tone, and raised the bar for how sit coms should be produced. possibly the funniest ensemble ever put together for a show.

    i put i love lucy on my list, cause quite frankly, how could you ever have a list of top 10 sit coms and not include the ricardo's and mertz's?

    i know alot of folks don't particularly like this show, but i absolutely love bob newhart's dead pan delivery. added bonus, any show with jack reily as bob's most notable patient mr. carlin is a classic.

    seinfeld, there's really nothing i can say about seinfeld, cause as we all know, the show is about......well.....about nothing

    why i still love the honeymooners is beyond me. but whenever i stumble upon it, i am glued to the set like nobodies business. baby, you're the greatest!

    honorable mentions:

    the young ones
    yes prime minister
    the drew carey show
    mary tyler moore
    and a show which even though was not a sit com, it made me laugh every time - max headroom
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    Mr. Belvadere, All in the Family, Married with Children, Drew Carry, Three's Company, The Honey Mooners, Cheers, Night Court, News Radio, Growing Pains, and Family Ties are some of my favorites.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Malakite
    Mr. Belvadere, All in the Family, Married with Children, Drew Carry, Three's Company, The Honey Mooners, Cheers, Night Court, News Radio, Growing Pains, and Family Ties are some of my favorites.

    Sounds like your a Nick at Nite fan.
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