In the last 2 years, Hasbro has put out over 100 action figures in the 3¾" scale from Attack of the Clones; this includes over 70 figures in the basic line, 20 in the deluxe line and vehicles, and 12 in the screen scene packs. By my last count, they break down like so:
  • 18 non-main Jedi
  • 33 secondary/background characters
  • 7 Anakins
  • 6 Obi-wans
  • 5 Count Dookus
  • 5 Padmes (who has the most basic Ep 2 figures of any character)
  • 4 Maces
  • 4 Yodas
  • 6 Jangos
  • 5 Clones Troopers
  • 10 Villain soldiers (Battle Droids, SBDs, Geonosians, Destroyer Droids)
So the question is, do you believe Hasbro needs to do any more Episode II figures?

Like for example, I believe they've covered pretty much everything that needs to be covered, but they still never got a decent Anakin or Obi-Wan figure done, especially in their robes, so I'd vote for "Maybe a couple, but they did most already".