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  • Yes, there are a lot that still need to be done

    231 40.74%
  • Maybe a couple, but they did most already

    228 40.21%
  • No, they have covered everything I'd want

    54 9.52%
  • No, I'm sick of or don't care about Ep II figures

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    Does Hasbro need to make more Ep II figures?

    In the last 2 years, Hasbro has put out over 100 action figures in the 3¾" scale from Attack of the Clones; this includes over 70 figures in the basic line, 20 in the deluxe line and vehicles, and 12 in the screen scene packs. By my last count, they break down like so:
    • 18 non-main Jedi
    • 33 secondary/background characters
    • 7 Anakins
    • 6 Obi-wans
    • 5 Count Dookus
    • 5 Padmes (who has the most basic Ep 2 figures of any character)
    • 4 Maces
    • 4 Yodas
    • 6 Jangos
    • 5 Clones Troopers
    • 10 Villain soldiers (Battle Droids, SBDs, Geonosians, Destroyer Droids)
    So the question is, do you believe Hasbro needs to do any more Episode II figures?

    Like for example, I believe they've covered pretty much everything that needs to be covered, but they still never got a decent Anakin or Obi-Wan figure done, especially in their robes, so I'd vote for "Maybe a couple, but they did most already".
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    Just off the top of my head I'd like to see the Lars clan, the rest of Padmé's outfits, Queen Jarmilla, the droid cafeteria server, one of the spider-like aqualish vs the walrus-like versions, Palpatine's secretary (Sly Moore?), Dormé, Jocasta Nu, Jango Fett as seen in his apartment sans armor, and since we got the research droids from the deleted scenes, how about Padmé's family? I'm sure there are others not occuring to me.

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    Heck yeah. There's tons that still need to be made. B'Omarr covered most of them, so no need for my post to regurgitate the list. But the Padme outfits are definatly necissary. Sly Moore, Pablo-Jill, and Wookie Senator Yarua are supposedly coming. So that's a good start on the large list of still needed E2 figures.

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    Yeah they do, and they need to make lots more figures from every movie. Until every last cahracter is done, Hasbro should make more.
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    And resculpt some of the bad E2 figures, as well. A more accurate Outland Peasent Disguise Anakin would be nice. As well as a better Jar Jar Binks: Senate Speech. And Palpy and Jar Jar's costume changes. Still love JJB's eye-catching Apartment outfit. Several more of the first figures need a going over.

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    We definitely need a solid Anakin and Obi-Wan. The best Obi-Wan so far was from the deluxe Kamino set. The SC Anakin was good but we need one with a regular hand.

    Plus, more Jedi!!! There were lots of Jedi in that movie that could be made. More female jedi would also be nice.
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    I voted a lot:
    Hello: Cantina Scene, Jedi Temple Scenes.
    Also, I'd like to see some more vehicles too *coughat-tecough*

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    Yes, More Episode II figures, and Episode I figures also!

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    I think there's a number of Ep II that need to be done or redone. But I voted for "I'm sick of Ep II" because I'm sick of Ep II.
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    One good robed Anakin and Obiwan. Thats all apart from some backround Jedi, oh and the blue Dug from the diner.


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