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    Armor Questions..

    Yeah Bobafrett, this is kinda directed to you.. and to all others who - GOT ARMOR..

    I have started the process.. My wife is gonna kick the sh** outta me as well, but hey, you only live once right?

    I want to know, how hard is it to walk around in? can you sit? how hard is it to put together the suit once it arrives in pieces? is there anything I should know that will make my transistion to UBER TROOPER somewhat easy, and mostly - satisfying? Can I drive in it? ( without the helmet on of course.. ) will I need assistance if I want to walk around the grocery store and buy milk? I just want to know what sort of mobility I will have or if Im limited to special events.. do I need special paint? should I figure out how to use rivets instead of velcro? any and all suggestions, hints, do's and donts will be most welcome..

    Ive ordered the body suit.. and Ive ordered the boots... Ill be getting the rest within a few months.. I will be sporting armor for CIII.. unless my wife turns me into a blue glowie..
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    I assume that you're putting together a "regular" Stormtrooper based on what you said above.

    I don't have personal experience having that stuff on, but from what I've seen and heard, sitting isn't all that easy. A bunch of guys have gone over to become Biker Scouts for that reason. The armor isn't that restricting as a Scout.

    It's also difficult to dress yourself. Be prepared for that.

    There are different methods to building the suits so it's best to visit the costuming boards and browse through the archives. I'm sure you've visited already. Try and the propreplicaforums ( for more info. Velcro is a great tool, but sometimes you'll need to rivet..

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    A friend of mine has some stormie armor and some Fett armor, says it's a little clunky to walk around in, nigh-impossible to sit or drive in, hot as heck, a little squeaky or generally noisy, and EVERYBODY bumps into it and feels it and pulls on it.
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    nice.. At least Ill know to walk around armed to the teeth.. Its still a few months away before I get the actual armor.. Thanks guys..
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    Oh, yeah, what JT gets hot in there. A lot of guys rig their helmets with tiny computer fans to help keep cool and not fog up. It is clunky to walk around in and the pieces will shift and fall if not secured with some velcro or other elastic banding. It definitely looks cool to the observer but it's not all roses from the inside.

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    Good luck on getting your armor Tonysmo. Let me know where and when you get your helmet. A good quality Stormtrooper helmet is big on my want list!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonysmo
    Yeah Bobafrett, this is kinda directed to you.. and to all others who - GOT ARMOR..
    Tonysmo, dude, I'm sorry, my Internet Explorerer was down, and I was unable to get to this site for the last week or so. (I've spent 2 hours now reading up on some of the over 200 threads since I was last able to get here). Anyway, if you could PM me with your state, and I could see if there are any troopers who are having an Armor Party soon. I went to one shortly after joining the 501st. They gave me an abundant amount of help, one guy even set me up with 2 small speakers so you can hear me speak. I was given tips on how to put my helmet together, and what worked better than velcroing everything.

    As far as sitting, I can't sit with my legs at a 45 degree angle, but I did manage to get my armored rear into a theatre seat with little to no problem. You will find that you may have to use a dremmel or a similar tool to slowly gring down the areas behind your knees, depending on your hieght, and or weight. I'm about 5' 9", (a little short for a Stormtrooper), so I just modified my armor slightly to make it fit more comforatably. You'll find that you are always modifiying one thing or another, adding fans to the inside of your helmet, bubble or flat lense, extra straps for your hand plates, etc. What boots did you order? I did see a Stormtrooper at CII with white tennis shoes. I got a pair of CA boots. They look just like the ones in ANH, IMO.

    Very cool, If you need any more help along the way, just send my a PM, and I'll give you my e-mail address, or you can get my e-mail address by visiting the fighting 501st website, look under "members" then search for TK-523!

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    Re: Armor Questions..

    Tonysmo, wearing the Armor is not that bad, yeah its hot and hard to move in. Just take your time when your putting it together. If you need any help or have any questions let me, know I researched for about a year before I got mine.

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    Re: Armor Questions..

    Thanks for the info..

    Ive still yet to drop the cash. Ive been waiting to hash this out with my better half, as even though I am a Star Wars fan, Im also a fan of staying married... and keeping things all on the up and up on the home front.

    HOWEVER.. I do have great news, in that we have finally hashed it out, and I NOW HAVE CLEARANCE!! WOOT WOOT!!

    see, I knew Id get it.. justa matter of time..
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    Re: Armor Questions..

    Yes! Now we can get you out of those filthy rebel rags you are wearing in your avatar.
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